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When the paint V cone flowmeter have what effect

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-16
V cone flowmeter is a kind of extremely advantage of new type of differential pressure type flow meter. Since 20 years ago, compared with the conventional differential pressure meter cannot a lot of advantage, quickly has been widely used in the field of flow measurement and high praise. V cone flowmeter is a new kind of differential pressure type flow measuring device, its unique way of side wall contracting throttling, change traditional throttling device of almost all of the shortcomings, is differential pressure flowmeter revolutionary results. Its principle is the same as other differential pressure flowmeter, is a classic airtight pipeline and flow continuity principle of conservation of energy principle, and has since the rectifier, self cleaning, self protection function; Straight pipe for a very short, no pollution, congestion, can maintain long-term stability; Cone back-end high-frequency low-rising little noise measurement threshold is relatively low, so that the range ratio of 15:1; The permanent loss of pressure and orifice plate only a third of the text venturi tube. V cone flowmeter, therefore, can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, electricity, heating and other national economy in various fields. V cone flowmeter is a high precision, high stability of the new type of differential pressure type flow meter. Like other differential pressure meter, is based on flow continuity principle and the Bernoulli equation to calculate the working condition of fluid flow. It is a kind of high precision, high stability, wide range than wide, measurable medium of new type flowmeter, can also be measured medium, such as liquid, gas, steam, almost covers all liquid medium. V cone flowmeter ontology painting refers to the coating, Paint) Cover objects on the surface of the process. Paint coating on the surface, can form a layer with a range of physical and chemical properties of paint film, can separate surfaces with the corrosive medium, have antiseptic effect. In addition, the coating of paint to paint all kinds of bright color, can change the original object color decoration and identification. In addition, the surface paint V cone flowmeter is a very effective anticorrosion measures, its action principle is to make the V cone flowmeter with the corrosive medium and air isolation, containing oxygen and water vapor in the air, for a long time before it is easy to corrosion of equipment, so V cone flowmeter surface painting plays an important role.

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