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Whatever your measuring difficulty is, find it SOLVED!

Whatever your measuring difficulty is, find it SOLVED!


      Sincerity, excellence in Coriolis production for 33 years, since 1987. We are the pioneering coriolis mass flow meters factory in China. We produced the very first unit of coriolis mass flow meter in 1991. And we got lots of newspapers reporting this news. We have won second price of the National Science and technology progress. We are only a factory producing coriolis mass flow meters in the past, and we were a Chinese national company under Sinopec before. But we have been the stock joint company, and started our own selling since 2006. We have three categories of the coriolis mass flow meters, including the U shape, micro bend V shape, and triangle shape coriolis mass flow meters.

      Our mission is to let the world without the measuring difficulties, and to let all industries enjoy the very simple and easy measurement.

We have launched new generation of corolis mass flow meters of integrated type of tiny flow rate mass flow meters. In the past, for the regular models, they are all separated type with 1-100 meters cable between the transmitters and the sensors. As long as the transmitter’s size is too big, then the separated type is the best choice. While in this laboratory applications, as the customers only want the integrated type, we have launched new type of integrated type as well. This is the first time that we have done the integrated type for the very tiny flow rate mass flow meters. As we have our own Research & development team, we can customize everything for the end users, including the transmitter colors, inner software programs, etc. We support OEM .

For the tiny flow rate, we can measure 0-1 kg/h as minimum. We can also measure gas. And we have been very successful in the measurement of hydrogen gas measurement, which is very difficult to measure, especially for the very low pressure hydrogen gas with tiny flow rate. For example, 1 kg pressure , which is 1 bar / 0.1 MPa pressure, with 0-20kg/h flow rate. Whats more, we support very high viscosity measurement. We have been very successful in the measurement of 80,000 cps base gum before. It is very difficult as the base gum can be stacked into different shapes. For the temperature, we can reach 350 ℃, and for the lowest temperature, we have finished - 230 ℃, for example for the measurement of the liquid hydrogen, etc. We also support the measurement of super high pressure, for example 100 MPa, which will explain more as below. 

For some other applications, that some of the customers are asking for the 100 MPa mass flow meters. While for the 100 MPa, it is super high that even for us we do not have the testing environment for the pressure test. While our end user has raised an idea that we will build the 100 MPa mass flow meter first, and then we will go to their testing place to test this unit. We remember that the testing place for the 100 MPa is like half a meter thick wall. And they got several walls next to each other. During the test, if the mass flow meter can not bear 100 MPa pressure, then the cover will shrivel like peanuts. Anyway , in the end, we have been very successful in the test.  

No matter what measuring difficulties you have met with. Find it solved in Sincerity!

 Whatsmore, in the wine industry, one day an end user who produces the white wine found us in Sincerity. They want to use the coriolis mass flow meters to measure the alcohol content. While please be noticed that the alcohol content is completely different from the percentage of the alcohol in the liquids. Normally in China that we do not have a corolis mass flow meter factory who produces coriolis mass flow meters that can directly measure the alcohol content. And the end user has no way to go, that they are requiring us to produce the very first unit of Chinese coriolis mass flow meters that direclty measure the alcohol content. In the end, we did it!


We are very proud that we have such strong research & development team in the factory. Thank you for everyone. And we will be still focused on the research & development of the coriolis mass flow meters project in the future. And welcome to visit our factory or contact us for more information.


We trust we will be your trustworthy in supplier in China! 

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