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What is the absolute pressure

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-24

surrounded by a thick layer of the atmosphere on the surface of the earth stress caused by the surface of the earth's surface or object is called & other; Atmospheric pressure & throughout; , symbols for B; Direct effects on the container or pressure on the surface of the object, called & other; Absolute pressure & throughout; , absolute pressure values with absolute vacuum as a starting point, symbol of PABS ( ABS to subscript) 。 With pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, pressure instrument to U tube called & other; Gauge pressure & throughout; ( Also called relative pressure) ,“ Gauge pressure & throughout; Starting point is the atmospheric pressure, the symbol for the Pg. The relations between and among is: PABS ( Absolute pressure) = B( Atmospheric pressure 0. 1Mpa) + Pg( Gauge pressure) ( ABS to subscript) Pressure is legal units ( Pa) , a larger unit is mpa ( MPa) = 106 pa1 standard atmosphere = 0. 1013 mpa, in the old system of pressure with KGF/cm2 ( Kg/cm2) As a unit, 1 KGF/cm2 = 0. 098 mpa pressure ( Relative pressure) Unit: MPa ( G) Absolute pressure units: MPa ( A) Absolute pressure force measurement using the pressure meter is called absolute pressure table, in the atmosphere, do not add any pressure gauge indicating instrument, location of atmospheric pressure, This is variable, according to the level of the instrument is located decision directive values, when the pressure value is absolute vacuum meter reading to zero. Absolute pressure does not exist a negative value.

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