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What fields are ultrasonic flowmeters used in?

by:Sincerity     2022-05-26
Which fields are ultrasonic flowmeters used in? Water industry - Waterworks Waterworks are usually carried by large diameter pipes, and the corresponding large diameter electromagnetic induction flowmeters are expensive and complicated to install. In addition, magnetic flow meters often display inaccurate readings because conductive material from groundwater can settle in the electrodes of the water, resulting in lower-than-real readings. While ultrasonic flowmeters are not only less expensive than magnetic inductive flowmeters for measuring common pipe sizes, they can also be retrofitted during ongoing operation without additional engineering and plumbing work. Accurate and wear-free flow measurement for reliable flow control. Measurements are taken from the outside, without direct contact with drinking water. Water Industry - Sewage Treatment Plant With the continuous expansion of sewage treatment plants and stricter requirements for wastewater treatment, more reliable ways to improve the pipeline system have become a big demand. Most of the market uses electromagnetic induction flowmeters. Due to the large amount of solid substances in the medium, it is easy to cause wear and tear of these instruments, thereby affecting reading errors and subsequent failures, which are time-consuming and labor-intensive to process. Ultrasonic flowmeters can optionally be measured in a clamp-on type, which has no contact with the medium and no wear, so it is almost maintenance-free. The entire measurement system consists of the main body of the equipment and the ultrasonic sensor, which can be easily installed by one person without breaking the pipeline, without downtime, and without a large number of personnel or heavy equipment. Oil and Gas Industry - Oil Transportation In the oil and gas industry, safety and safe transportation of oil is paramount. Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters and portable ultrasonic flowmeters can accurately measure flow, flow rate and cumulative volume while hardly affecting the pipeline or completely not affecting the oil in the pipeline. And it has the alarm function of monitoring the flow, the times of opening and closing the valve and whether it is leaking. Energy Industry - District Heating In a combined heat and power plant (CHP), flow and thermal energy measurement are critical to the operation of the CHP. In order to utilize the used primary energy more efficiently, both the economical and ecological demands arise from the need for further process measurement technologies, which must be mapped into the process control system. Ultrasonic energy meters are a simple, accurate and reliable solution for such measurement tasks. Simple and low cost installation, no plant shutdown and no pressure loss. Clamp-on ultrasonic sensors and temperature sensors can be easily installed and provide high-precision measurement data. Energy Industry-----Building Metering There are many demands in building energy optimization. For example: reducing overall energy consumption, improving HVAC system performance, reducing operating costs, improving building quality and certification ratings, and of course moving towards a more ecological mindset. There are many ways to achieve greater energy efficiency. An important one of these is undoubtedly the control of the flow of heating and cooling in the building. The flow rate reaches the standard of 0.5%, and the temperature measurement reaches the limit error of 0.02℃. Installation is simple and can be installed in a variety of non-ideal piping conditions. It realizes all-digital correlation technology and intelligent adaptive ultrasonic measurement technology, so that there are no moving parts, stable measurement and simple daily maintenance. Chemical Industry Production processes in the chemical industry depend on on-site infrastructure and supporting processes, including the supply of water, chemical reagents, and other potions. Due to the considerable costs involved in these flows, they must be temporarily and closely monitored. Unrestricted equipment availability and process control of ultrasonic flowmeters; accurate, safe and versatile flow measurement without limitations. Independent of pipe material, pipe wall thickness and diameter measurements. The gauge causes no internal pressure loss and is therefore not limited by any large process pressure. Another important advantage of the externally mounted measurement solution is that there is no risk of leakage from the system itself, and installation does not require any process interruptions. Chemical Industry----Corrosive Substances In the chemical industry, many production processes must be systematically inspected and maintained at the recycling station on a regular basis for safety reasons. The pumps that deliver the diluted acid stream to the evaporator are particularly stressed by the rapid rise in temperature when the plant is put back into service. In order to carry out the process as carefully as possible and to minimise wear on the pump, many companies are looking for a suitable solution for measuring the acid flowing to the evaporator. The ultrasonic flowmeter can solve this environment, because the clip-on ultrasonic transducer is only installed on the outside of the plastic tube and will not have any contact with the internal material, so it will not erode the medium. And it will not cause any impact on the piping system and will not interrupt any operations.
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