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What are wedge flowmeter measurement

by:Sincerity     2021-01-31
Wedge flowmeter advantage 1. Wedge flowmeter using & other; V” Type throttle body can eliminate retention area, to prevent the occurrence of congestion in system; 2. Particularly suitable for high viscosity, low Reynolds number, suspended particles or bubbles of medium measure; 3. The applicable range of Reynolds number, Reynolds number is 500, remains in the square of the differential pressure and flow relationship; 4. Measurement accuracy is not affected by fluid medium dielectric constant features of and restrictions; 5. Differential pressure transducer electrical signal output of 4 ~ 20 ma and facilitate with various kinds of instrument; Six changes with fluid viscosity, temperature, density and other compensation function; 7. Vibration resistance, impact resistance, dirt resistance, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof; 8. With functions of bidirectional flow measurement. Wedge flowmeter good long-term stability, known by the user as the zero meter failure rate. Simple structure, strong, high reliability, convenient installation and operation maintenance cost low, no moving parts, no wear, use for a long time don't need to label the measuring accuracy is high, the flow calibration expanded uncertainty degree: 0. Soil 5% ~ 0. 2% ( School school water or oil) 。 A table separation, replace the wedge ( In the middle) Extended range. Wedge flowmeter diverse styles: ordinary: range than within the scope of the 1:3, flow coefficient of the nonlinear error for & le; And 1%. High performance type: range than in the 'scope, the expanded uncertainty flow calibration for 0. Soil 5% ~ 0. 2%. Material: stainless steel. Installation and maintenance is convenient. Due to the applicable scope of the wedge flowmeter wedge orifice plate structure is unique, can be used for flow measurement of liquid viscosity, viscosity can be as high as 500 mpa & amp; # 8226; S, such as fuel oil, residual oil, heavy oil, etc. The wedge block & other; The diversion & throughout; And flow line & other; Dead zone & throughout; The characteristics of the sensor is no deposit, no congestion, make it suitable for solid-liquid mixture containing suspended particles, such as slurry flow measurement of fluid, industrial sewage and so on. Wedge flow Reynolds number using range is wide, suitable for low Reynolds number, RcD = 300) , the upper limit of Reynolds number can reach more than 106, can be applied to gas, steam flow measurement, etc. Wedge flowmeter, therefore, in addition to the application in the general gas, liquid, steam, in high viscosity, high dirt liquid crystal mixture, and dust in the gas flow measurement with orifice cannot achieve superior performance.
mass flow meter coriolis density meter, as the name suggests, find extensive use in rosemount vortex flow meter institutions. Since u shape coriolis mass flow meter has become much dependent on technology in today's world, there is wide use of such mass flow meter.
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