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What are the bend flow meter configuration

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-31
Bend flow meter for different measurement medium, choose different configuration:

1. Bend sensor, secondary instrument, differential pressure transmitter, three valve, needle valve, pressure pipe and signal lines necessary for the system components.

2。 Pressure transmitter and temperature components according to the specific measurement object decision. For superheated steam and other gases, when the working pressure, temperature, volatile must be measured medium temperature, pressure, at the same time; For saturated steam, components should be equipped with temperature or pressure transmitter; For water and other liquids, temperature change is big, need to add temperature component, is used to implement the real-time compensation of density, to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

3。 Disc condenser used for steam measurement, to replace the traditional steam trap, balanced level.

4。 Three-way valve is mainly used in the measurement of low temperature gas or liquid dirt in a bend sensor measurement, two instead of a needle valve, can not be discontinued congestion.

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