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Weighing instrument weighing sensor maintenance matters needing attention

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-04
Abstract: maintenance considerations weighing instrument weighing sensor information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Use weighing instrument belong to precision instrument category, on the installation, use and maintenance must be according to the specifications of the requirement to do, to ensure the safety of the instrument, normal and accurate. Otherwise may result in instrument damage, or shorten its service life. Said. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a weighing instrument weighing sensor maintenance note article details. Use weighing instrument belong to precision instrument category, on the installation, use and maintenance must be according to the specifications of the requirement to do, to ensure the safety of the instrument, normal and accurate. Otherwise may result in instrument damage, or shorten its service life. Weighing instrument weighing sensor note the following points in operation and maintenance; Installation: generally should choose the clean, dry and ventilated place instrument and a comfortable temperature environment. Instrument position should be fixed, not often mobile, or may lead to internal lead off to generate fault signal cable plug. Power supply: weighing instrument mostly use 220 v ac power, voltage range is 187 v commonly - are allowed - - - - - - - 242 v. Remember that after the change of the power line to measure the voltage is in accordance with the requirements, to meter electricity. If the mistake on 380 v power supply to the instrument may cause damage. Power supply voltage of the volatile situation should be equipped with good performance of stabilizer ( If the CW type ac voltage regulator parameters) Used to ensure the normal use of instrument. Don't and strong interference sources ( Such as motor, electric bell, fluorescent lamp) Use the same power socket, so as to avoid the instrument shows values are not stable. Some instruments ( Like a HAWK table, etc. ) For ac/dc. Packed in dry cell should be paid attention to when using, battery leakage will damage the instrument. The battery is not used for a long period of time, take out the battery. Grounding: weighing instrument should be connected independently and good ground wire ( Grounding resistance < 4 ohms, should try to lead to short) 。 Ground wire has a dual role: it has to protect the operator safety, but also has important role in anti-interference, and can guarantee the stability of instrument, ground wire on the instrument power socket, if take meter ground of high voltage in public sites online, this may create a source for instrument, instrument display value fluctuations. Should periodically check contact good ground connection point. Each connection point because after a long time, oxidation, corrosion, and so on and so forth can make the instrument doesn't work in practice. Prevent bask in, should avoid direct sunlight on the meter black shell, or is likely to make the instrument working environment more than the rated temperature range and damage. Waterproof: under normal circumstances, the instrument working environment humidity is 95%, but the rules cannot produce condensation. Special stainless steel shell except instrument with waterproof function. Anti-corrosion: corrosive substance cannot be leaked into the instrument, otherwise it will produce corrosion to the devices and circuit board itself on the circuit board, a long time, may make the instrument scrap. Even have the function of anti-corrosion instrument, if closed lax, also can have the same result. Lightning protection: electronic weighing apparatus, belongs to the weak current system vulnerable to lightning attacks and damaged parts. Thunder into the instrument mainly from two aspects: the power cord import and import by weighing platform through a signal line. Under normal weather, the operator as long as control power supply switch, but in the case of a possible close lightning, must remove the instrument power plug and weighing platform signal cable plug. Zui good lightning protection measures, such as the increase in the instrument power supply loop anti surge protector, etc. High voltage proof: more than 220 v power supply wire accidentally picked up weighing platform or weighing platform is used as the ground, on the scale for welding operation is likely to damage the instrument. Cleaning: in the industrial environment, instrument shell filled with dust or contaminated, must under the condition of power often use wet cloth to wipe clean. But can't wipe with alcohol and other solvents display window, this will make the pervious to light performance is bad, according to fuzzy. Anti-static: once damaged, will send. Some units in order to quicken the speed of passing back and forth, like the meter PCB board removed, use ems mail, thus producing a esd problem. To hold when you pick up the PCB board in the four corners, do not touch has integrated with the hand piece pin. Because it is easy to bad static shock integrated block. Remove the PCB shall be immediately into the shielding bag, in the absence of shielding bag can use normal paper bag. If conveniently placed the board high insulation desktop is likely to damage the PCB. Has received repaired PCB, need to reload the instrument, also pay attention to esd. Shock: instrument transport, zui well placed in the original packing, or take appropriate shock measures. Explosion-proof: if the instrument used in the compound or the safety type explosive-proof system, should follow the relevant provisions of the explosion-proof. Responsibilities: electronic weighing apparatus is a kind of more advanced weighing system, should by trained personnel responsible for operation and maintenance. At present most of the weighing instrument by means of the parameter setting and correction software to determine the weighing apparatus of the function and performance. Once these parameters are altered, it may affect the accuracy of weighing and functions ( Such as print, or communication, etc. ) 。 Determine the operating and maintenance personnel, therefore, it is also important to their respective duties above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me factory flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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