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Vortex street flowmeter hardware how to choose

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-11

vortex street flowmeter hardware from which several aspects of choice? 1. Vortex flow transmitter choice due to the vortex flow meter range wide, therefore, in practice, the measure the rate of flow of saturated steam main consideration is not lower than the lower limit of vortex flow meter, that is to say, must satisfy the fluid velocity of not less than 5 m/s. According to the size of the YongQiLiang chooses different caliber of vortex flow transmitter, rather than with the existing technology to choose transmitter diameter pipe size. 2. Pressure compensation with the selection of pressure transmitter with saturated steam piping, pressure fluctuation is bigger, pressure compensation must be used, considering the pressure, temperature and density, the relation between measurement with pressure compensation, only if the company pipeline saturated vapor pressure at 0. 3 - 0. 6 mpa range, pressure transmitter range to choose 1 mpa. 3. Display instrument selection display instrument intelligent flow display, compensated by temperature, pressure, the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow integrating function. Aiming at the application of the domestic market, usually adopts full display in Chinese.

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