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Vortex gas meter relationship with pipe diameter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-15

gas vortex street flowmeter and the pipe diameter is equal is the most ideal, namely in the engineering design of straight pipe flow meter long enough ( Generally for 15 ~ 18 times the pipe diameter) 。 If the flow meter with pipe diameter difference ( Even if the same nominal diameter) , it is possible to generate additional error, concrete can be divided into several ways:

, pipes, the actual diameter greater than 1 meter diameter, but the difference between the two is not more than 3% of the latter, then the error is very small, still in the range of instrument accuracy, no impact on measurement, do not need any correction.

2, pipes, the actual diameter less than meter diameter, but the difference between the two within a certain range, the size DN 15 ~ 100 DN & le; 3%,DN 150勒; 1%, the error is small, then to modify the instrument coefficient K to compensation, will affect the elimination.

3, pipe diameter and the difference between the meter diameter is larger, more than the allowed range. When the error is bigger also, even correction instrument coefficient K cannot meet the requirements of measurement accuracy and stability. Straight section of the reason for this is that this situation is equivalent to zero state, because the diameter of the mutation makes the distortion of the fluid flow velocity distribution disturbance, the interference changes with the change of the parameters such as flow velocity, and is not fixed, variables cannot be modified. The resulting generated by vortex flowmeter is not stable, the proportion of output frequency signal and the velocity relationship distortion, the serious influence the use of precision, even leading to fluctuation instrument can't work normally.

the engineering design and installation of instrument, how to solve the problem of instrument to match the pipe diameter.

。 As far as possible choose meter diameter pipe diameter with Chinese commonly used the same or similar instrument, should as far as possible choose pipe diameter slightly bigger than the inner diameter, but the difference between the two is less than 3% of the latter.

B。 Radial instrument make the pipe, it must find suitable pipeline, to modify the original pipeline, at the same time must ensure that the flow meter requirement for straight pipe. Installation should be avoided in the process of vortex street flowmeter flowmeter and pipeline displacement produced by the steps, ensure concentricity of vortex flowmeter and pipeline.

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