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Vortex gas meter installation requirements

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-15

vortex gas meter only one-way measurement, pay attention to when installation to ensure medium flow direction and flow arrow shown in the same direction. Best way to install for vertical vortex flowmeter installation, medium from bottom to top through the flow meter. The flow meter installed in vertical pipe runs, from bottom to top direction of flow. When mounted horizontally, flow meter must be installed in the high of the whole system, and to ensure that the outlet pressure corresponding; Do not install the very top of the line, often because of high gas accumulation, the pipe is not full, export direct vent. When measuring high temperature fluid, used in a vertical installations as far as possible; If have to horizontal installation, please send the flow transmitter partial vertical downward, or horizontal lateral loading, avoid high temperature; Pay attention to the installation location of air flow or well ventilated. 5. Straight pipe requirements: at least ensure before 15 times the pipe diameter, flow meter after 5 times the pipe diameter. Before such as flowmeter bend, indentation, expand the interference sources, such as the need to ensure the first 30 flow & ndash; 6 times the pipe diameter after 40 times the pipe diameter, flow meter. Flow meter should be installed in regulating valve, pressure or temperature sensors upstream. When installation, pay attention to the pipe size should be slightly bigger than or equal to the inner diameter of the instrument. Use of sealing ring, pay attention to the sealing ring inside diameter should be slightly greater than or equal to the inner diameter of the instrument, sealing ring center located in the heart of the pipeline.

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