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Vortex flow meter as the advantage of gas flowmeter measurement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-13

vortex gas meter is used to measure the flow of fluid oscillation principle, the fluid in the pipeline through the vortex flow transmitter in the triangular prism vortex occurred after the body up and down alternately produced is proportional to the velocity of the two columns of the vortex, the release of the vortex frequency and average velocity and vortex flow vortex occurred body fluid was related characteristics of body width. The flowmeter is a common measuring tools, is indispensable to industry, generally has many characteristics, such as measuring accurately, then we have to look at. Vortex gas meter with isolation, shielding, filtering, overcome the similar products such problems as poor vibration resistance, small signal data disorders, using a unique sensor encapsulation technology and protective measures, to ensure the reliability of the product. Vortex gas meter products are both basic and complex type, basic measuring single traffic signal; Compound can be realized at the same time temperature, pressure, flow rate measurement. Each type has overall, fission structure, in order to adapt to different installation environment. Vortex gas flowmeter measurement principle of saturated steam flow measurement is widely used in the 80 s standard orifice flow meter, but from the point of flow meter development condition, although the orifice flowmeter has a long history, wide application range; People study also to make the most of it, the test data is the most perfect, but use a standard orifice flow meter to measure saturated steam flow, it still exists some deficiencies: one, the pressure loss is bigger; Second, pressure pipe, and coupling between the three groups easy leakage; Three, small scale range, generally is 3:1, the flow volatility is easy to cause the measured value is low. For vortex gas meter has the advantages of: a, simple structure, vortex transducer installed directly on the pipeline, overcome the pipeline leakage phenomenon; Second, the pressure loss of vortex flowmeter is small; Three, span a wide range of saturated steam measurement range than around 30:1. Therefore, with the mature of vortex gas flowmeter measurement technology, it USES more and more get the favour of people.

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