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V cone flowmeter installation of non-standard reason and solution

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-14

V cone flowmeter installation irregularities may have the following main aspects: straight pipe before and after the process piping is insufficient, cause fluid is not stable, affect the measurement accuracy; Check the V cone flowmeter is the problem of pressure guide line, to do, bring pressure pipe unimpeded; Check whether the leak and plug, because if appear such problem, one-way pressure, differential pressure transmitter will appear the phenomenon of the negative pressure caused by measuring steam, cooling condensing unit is not complete, the installation height is not reasonable.

V cone flowmeter should be equipped with differential pressure transducer can be used normally, so the differential pressure transmitter performance and installed correctly or not directly affects the overall precision of V cone flowmeter. To pay attention to the anti-corrosion of differential pressure transmitter, regular open blowdown. When measuring high pressure or corrosive medium, often there will be a guide pipe or joint leak, cause loss of pressure, differential pressure deviation. Eliminate way is checking on time, plugging holes.

V cone flowmeter, as a new type of throttling device in recent years was overheating. High precision and low pressure loss, is the focus of its compared to other standard throttle device chanted.

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