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Used in the measurement of oil and gas double blade pivot type gas turbine flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-28
Double blade pivot type gas turbine meter design is reasonable, simple structure, high sensitivity, wide measurement range, small pressure loss, long service life, low cost, easy maintenance. The field test, smooth operation, stable performance, accurate measurement. 1. The basic structure and measuring principle of 1. 1 the basic structure ( See figure 1) Double blade gas turbine flow meter is made up of turbine flow meter ( The shell pedestal, blades, shaft and bearing components) And magnetoelectric transducer, turbine flow totalizer. especially composition. 1. 2 measuring principle is shown in figure 1, when the fluid along the axial direction to a certain speed through the turbine flow time, the energy of the fluid effect on blade, driven impeller ( Of the impeller blade is made of ferromagnetic material) Rotation, when the cutting blade rotation magnetoelectric transducer detecting coil magnetic field lines, the lines of magnetic induction intensity change, and displayed in a supposed number input pulse to flow integrating instrument, the plastic, after amplification, frequency division, counting, ZUI after showing gas flow value. Because of the speed of the rotor blades and the volume of a gas flow through the disaster wheel flowmeter has the certain relations, so the volume of a gas flow pulse frequency can be obtained through testing. 2. The technical parameters and key technology. 1 the main technical parameter: nominal diameter DN50ZUI big pressure of work: 6. 4 mpa working temperature: - 20 ~ 100 c flow range: 25 ~ 350 m3 / h precision grade: 1. 5 level 2. 2 key technology ( 1) With only two blades of turbine rotor structure, and makes the blade installation Angle and blade tip clearance achieve ZUI better both simplify the structure of the turbine rotor, and reduced its weight. ( 2) Using cemented carbide material made in pivot bearings bearing friction torque to ZUI small. ( 3) Using the pedestal structure of small volume, light weight, increase the circulation area of flow meter, reduce the pressure loss. After adopting the above key technologies, make double blade pivot type gas turbine flowmeter has a wide measuring range, high sensitivity, small pressure loss カ, strong abrasive resistance, simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to machining, easy installation and maintenance, long service life, low cost for the points. 3. On the double blades of gas turbine flowmeter prototype run after indoor performance testing qualified, in the field of oil and gas separator test station is carried out on the gas export pipeline running tests at the scene. Tested and approved by the field running show that the flow meter smooth operation, reliable performance, convenient, accurate measurement, reading the trouble-free operation, has the promotion value.
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