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Use a thermal type gas mass flowmeter to measure chlorine gas

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-28
CH- LWQ thermal type gas mass flowmeter, the design on the basis of the principle of heat transfer technology, combined with the Newton's second law of thermodynamics, by measuring the medium in pipeline through probe take away heat, direct measurement of mass flow rate or the flow condition. TGF600 can be widely used in all kinds of the mass of the gas flow and the flow measurement, without temperature compensation. Product is measuring method using the constant power design measure threshold is extremely low, range wide, high accuracy, easy installation, etc. Products are widely used in compressed air and gas extraction, gas measurement, aeration measure emissions monitoring, process gas control and so on many fields. Product features plug-in design, can online belt press installation; Applicable to a variety of pipe diameter and cross-sectional area of arbitrary shaped pipes known; Range than the big, wide range of measuring velocity; No moving parts, no pressure loss; Measurement of gas mass flow rate, temperature, pressure compensation; The isolation of electrical structure to filter out the external interference. Power supply of energy efficiency design the machine power consumption is extremely low; Wide input voltage range to adapt to all kinds of complicated power environment; Big LCD double line shows, clear legibility of the readings. With ModBus and HART field bus interface. Second, the application of 1, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine and multicomponent gas measurement. ( Except the acetylene gas) 。 2, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas measurement. 3, flue gas measurement. 4, biogas, aeration and chlorine gas measurement in water treatment. 5, compressed air measurement. 6, natural gas, liquefied gas, torch gas such as gas flow measurement. 7, power plant, the blast furnace of a wind and secondary air flow measurement. 8, the mine ventilation or exhaust air flow measurement system. As is known to all, water plant in the process of water system, in order to make the water quality of tap water meet certain requirements, often trace chlorine ammonia and quantitative. Clearly, both the size of the gas flow, the larger influence on tap water quality fit and unfit quality. The past waterworks mostly adopts the traditional glass rotor flowmeter to measure the rate of flow of the two gases. Due to rotor flowmeter measurement of volume flow, ammonia, chlorine, in the process of gas supply, the working pressure is constantly changing, it is obvious that the temperature and pressure compensation of flow measurement, the measurement accuracy is not high. If above, use do not need to temperature and pressure compensation type thermal gas mass flow meter to measure the mass flow rate of ammonia, chlorine, is reasonable and advanced solutions. Especially for chlorine gas flow measurement, due to its corrosion resistance is strong, make many flowmeter and daunting, but it is easy to heat the latter type flowmeter. We use a water plant in Shanghai, the three PBF type flowmeter, ammonia flow rate measurement. Using the four thermal mass flowmeter ( Anti-corrosion type) And chlorine gas flow measurement. Through more than a year of operation, obtained the quite satisfactory result. 1. The structure and working principle of thermal mass flowmeter it is through the use of fluid ( Gas) With the solid ( Sensing probe) Between the heat conduction principle, make the change of gas flow, in the form of temperature changes detected, then converted into electrical signal, after amplification of linear output corresponding to the instantaneous flow rate of 4 - , 3-20 ma current signal 1/2 instantaneous flow six LCD display and cumulative flow LCD display. Flow meter is composed of sensing probe and electronic components. Sensing probe is composed of two sensors, one is the fluid velocity and silly, another is the fluid temperature sensor. See, the amount of preach qi probe inserted in the fluid, fluid velocity and temperature. Two of them at the same time is electronic components bridge road, forming a unbalanced bridge bridge arm. Electricity, heat the speed sensor to the bridge arm current higher than that of fluid temperature difference of a wet. Unbalanced bridge becomes balance bridge. The bridge will output a voltage corresponding to the zero flow, by amplifying circuit, the lower limit of output flowmeter signal 4 ma; Instantaneous flow is shown as: 000 and cumulative flow no accumulation action happens, maintained the accumulation of original digital constant accumulation shows. When the fluid flows through the heating speed sensors, according to the principle of heat conduction, heat will take away part of the speed sensor, the temperature drops, and flow rate, the greater the heat away, the more the temperature drop is, the greater the bridge into a unbalanced bridge again. Due to the effect of feedback control of the bridge road, total want to return to the balance bridge state. To this end, a bridge must be on the speed sensor is proportional to the flow of current, make the temperature at which the speed sensor back in balance. Then bridge circuit and output a voltage signal is proportional to the flow. The amplification circuit, linear processing, make the output is proportional to the flow rate of 4 - Between 20 ma current signal, instantaneous flow shown as until ZUI large scale flow of a value, accumulated action will be proportional to the instantaneous flow rate. 2. Ammonia and chlorine gas mass flow rate of the difficulty of measuring chlorine gas flow measurement, while one hundred percent of dry chlorine, no corrosion problem. But chlorine gas is obtained by the cylinder of liquid chlorine is not completely dry chlorine, so chlorine in water plant is a fairly strong corrosive gas, some other flowmeter for structural reasons, cannot be competent for measurement of chlorine gas. According to reflect some of the flowmeter using only about three months, will be corrosion or display insanely great error, only when the reference flow. And because of the characteristic of the structure of PBF type flowmeter, measuring the corrosive gas, it is easy.
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