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Urban water supply pressure sensor device monitoring traffic pressure

by:Sincerity     2021-01-19
In the past time, urban water supply network appeared dark leakage was found to be very hard, and maintenance personnel in the screening of water supply is to pay a lot of time, the problem in the installation of the pressure sensor monitoring device and electromagnetic flowmeter, will be solved effectively. Morning, colorful sunshine town near the construction site, water supply center staff under construction excavation, ready to install the electromagnetic flowmeter to the pipeline. According to introducing, in recent years, the city's water consumption by 12% a year growth, water supply a population of 1. 06 million people, the city's water supply situation grim. Such as last year, the city's highest daily withdrawals to reach 13. 410000 cubic meters. For the management of water supply, water supply distribution center on the basis of urban water supply network, divided into five management area, install electromagnetic flowmeter in each region, the director of the channel, strengthen the monitoring of water supply, reducing water production and sales. The use of electromagnetic flowmeter, what benefit will bring to water? Originally, when used to water supply pipeline leakage appear bright, reflect and routine inspections according to the citizen water supply center for repair, but once appear dark leakage is hard to find, in many cases are all the inhabitants of a region in the life found low water pressure situation, to reflect water supply center, and then maintenance personnel to screening of the region, maintenance way is very passive. Traffic monitoring equipment installation is completed, as the big data applications, the passive approach will become more active. According to them, if such abnormalities as leaking in the pipeline, pipeline of instantaneous flow rate will increase suddenly, electromagnetic flow meter and pressure sensor device will be collected by the instantaneous flow rate and pressure of water supply such as real-time data is passed to the water supply comprehensive control center. Staff by passing to the data analysis, find out the root cause, targeted screening, solve the problem, in the shortest possible time to safeguard residents normal water.
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