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Ultrasonic open channel flow meter installation method

by:Sincerity     2022-08-10
Abstract: The information on the installation method of ultrasonic open channel flow meter is provided by the excellent flow meter and flow meter production and quotation manufacturers. Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter Installation method 1. Install the measuring weir groove To measure the flow rate using the ultrasonic open channel flowmeter, there must be a measuring water weir groove on the open channel. 2. Installation Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter probe The probe should be installed on the probe bracket. The product does not leave the factory. More flowmeter manufacturers choose models and price quotations. You are welcome to inquire. The following is the article details of the installation method of ultrasonic open channel flowmeters. Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter installation method 1. Installation of measuring weir tank Using ultrasonic open channel flowmeter to measure flow, there must be a measuring weir tank on the open channel. 2. Install the ultrasonic open channel flowmeter probe probe on the probe bracket. The product is not equipped with a bracket when it leaves the factory, and it needs to be based on the structural conditions of the water tank used on site. Process it yourself. See Figure 9 for the processing method. Probe holder can be made“Door”Glyph, installed across the channel. Be careful to leave a hole for the probe to be installed. If the channel measuring wall allows it, two angle steels can also be used to make the probe bracket as shown in Figure 9. The installation position of the probe on the channel should meet the requirements of the weir tank. Generally, triangular weirs and rectangular weirs should be installed upstream of the weir plate, and the distance from the weir plate is equivalent to 3 to 4 times of the maximum water depth over the weir (the maximum water depth over the weir means that the liquid level is zero when the flow rate is just equal to zero, and when the flow rate increases to the maximum, the corresponding the liquid level); the Parshall tank is at 1/3 of the inlet constriction (see Figure 10). When installing the probe, the calibration rod should face down. The probe and bracket should be fixed firmly and cannot be moved. Once the probe moves, the water level reference point changes, which affects the accuracy of the measurement. The probe should be vertically aligned with the water surface and should not be skewed. Because the ultrasonic wave emitted by the probe has a certain opening angle. When installing the probe, be careful not to make redundant reflective surfaces on the path of sound wave propagation (see Figure 11) The above is the entire content of this article. You are welcome to inquire about the flowmeter selection and quotation of our manufacturer. 'Installation Method of Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter'
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