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Ultrasonic flowmeter selection and application

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-22

ultrasonic flowmeter in the application, it is necessary to pay attention to the following problems: 1 right choice which is the foundation of the ultrasonic flowmeter can work normally. If improper selection, or you can't measure, will cause the flow or the users do not do such consequences. Specific selection principle, the front have made detailed introduction. 2 reasonable transducer installation is unreasonable is the main reason for the ultrasonic flowmeter can't work normally. Transducer installation need to consider the position and the way the choice of two questions. Determine the position in addition to guarantee enough straight pipe upstream or downstream, especially pay attention to the transducer as far as possible to avoid frequency control of motor speed of power supply, electric welding machine and so on pollution occasion. On the installation, mainly to post installation method and way of V, three kinds of Z way. Doppler type ultrasonic flowmeter using the normal type installation, time difference ultrasonic flowmeter using V, and Z, under normal circumstances, pipe diameter less than 300 mm, using V installation, pipe diameter greater than 200 mm, the Z way to install. For can use V way to install and can be installed in a way of transducer, try choosing Z. Practice shows that the Z way to install transducer ultrasonic signal intensity is high, the stability of the measurement. 3 timely nuclear school for fixed installation ultrasonic flowmeter is big, wide range of users, can be equipped with a portable ultrasonic flowmeter, of the same type used in nuclear school field instruments. One is to stick to a packed in a school, that is, for each new ultrasonic flowmeter nuclear school during installation and debugging, make sure to choose a good, installed, measurement standard; 2 it is to run online ultrasonic flowmeter flow mutation occurs, use the portable ultrasonic flowmeter for nuclear school in time, find out the reason of this flow of mutation is clear instrument malfunction or traffic is really changed. 4 regular maintenance compared with other flow meter, ultrasonic flowmeter maintenance quantity is relatively small. For outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter, install later without the pressure loss, no potential leakage, need to regularly check whether the transducer is loose, and pipeline between the adhesive is good; Insert type ultrasonic flowmeter, regularly clean the probe on the deposition, scale and other impurities without slack phenomenon; If it is a one-piece ultrasonic flowmeter, check the flowmeter and pipeline between the flange links are in good condition, and to consider the temperature and humidity on the influence of the electronic components, waiting. Regular maintenance to ensure long-term stable operation of the ultrasonic flowmeter.

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