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Ultrasonic flow meter scale installation requirements

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-13
Abstract: the installation requirements of ultrasonic flow meter scale information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. St the aid ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of principle of velocity difference method for a kind of flow testing instruments, has a certain application in multiple industries. We need to know when to install ultrasonic flowmeter installation method, if the installation errors will not only cause ultrasonic. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the installation requirement of ultrasonic flow meter scale article details. Ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of speed difference method as the principle of a kind of flow testing instruments, has a certain application in multiple industries. We need to know when to install ultrasonic flowmeter installation method, if the installation errors will not only cause the damage of the ultrasonic flowmeter, will produce certain failure. So what is the specific method? ( A) Ultrasonic flowmeter detailed location before installation should understand the situation, including: 1. Installation of host sensors for many; 2. Pipe material, wall thickness and pipe diameter; 3. Pipe fixed number of year; 4. Fluid type, whether containing impurities, bubble and whether full tube; 5. Fluid temperature. 6. If there is a interference sources (installation site Such as frequency, magnetic field, etc. ) ; 7. The host placed in the four seasons temperature; 8. Use the power supply voltage is stable; 9. Whether you need remote signals and types; ( 2) Select installation location selection section impact on the accuracy of the test, the selected section should avoid interference and eddy current of these two to a greater influence on the accuracy of measurement, generally choose the section shall meet the following conditions: 1, avoid the water pump, power station, frequency, which has a strong magnetic field and vibration interference to install the machine; 2, choosing pipe should be uniform, easy to ultrasonic transmission section; 3, want to have enough long straight pipe, the installation point of straight pipe upstream must be greater than 10 d ( Note: D = diameter) And downstream is greater than 5 d; 4, installation point upstream from the water pump should be 30 d distance; 5, fluid should be full of pipeline; Around 6, pipe to have enough space to facilitate field personnel operations, underground pipes need to do the test well, test Wells are as follows: ( 3) Determine sensor installation method ultrasonic flowmeter there are generally two kinds of sensor installation, namely the Z method and V method. However, when the D & lt; 200 mm and the situation is one of the following conditions, Z method may be adopted to install: 1, when the high fluid turbidity measurement, couldn't get a signal measured with V method or the signal is very weak; 2, when the pipe wall with lining; 3, when the pipe scale and use fixed number of year is too long and the lining problem; For pipeline condition better, even if D is slightly greater than 200 mm, in order to improve the accuracy of measurement, installed V method may be adopted. ( 4) Obtained from installation, determine the parameters for the probe position 1, the pipeline input instrument, choose pipe installation, it is concluded that installation distance; 2, in a horizontal pipe, generally should choose the central pipe, avoid the top and bottom ( Top may contain bubbles, there may be at the bottom of the precipitation) ; 3, V installation: make sure of a point, according to the installation distance in a horizontal position measure another point. Installation: Z method to determine a point, according to the installation distance in a horizontal position measure another point, and then measure the point on the other side of the symmetric point in pipe. ( 5) Pipeline, after surface treatment to determine the probe position in two installation & plusmn; 100 mm range, use tools, such as the Angle grinder grinding, file and sand paper burnish of pipeline to light smooth without corrosion pit. Requirements: uniform luster, no uneven, feel is smooth and round. Need to pay special attention to, grind the demanding and the original pipe has the same radian, avoid by all means will be installed into a plane, using alcohol or gasoline wipe the range, such as to facilitate probe bonding. ( 6) Probe and instrument connection ( 7) Fine-tuning probe position after the finish line to probe internal use silica gel is filled, place half an hour, and then the probe with silica gel and fixture fixed to grind the good line ( Pay attention to the direction of probe, pins to outside) , and then observe signal intensity and the transmission time, if discovery is not good, is fine-tuned probe position, until the meter signal within the scope of reach regulation: ( Signal strength: generally should be greater than 6. 5, a few can decide according to the specific site conditions. ) ( Transfer time than: in 100 & plusmn; The range of 3, this value must be stable. ) ( Eight) Fixed probe instrument signal adjust later, with the fixture will probe fixed good, be careful not to make the steel wire rope, in order to avoid pulling the probe, the probe shift, with silica gel to seal around the probe in contact with the pipe. This glue solidification takes about a day, must pay attention to probe the waterproof before did not work. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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