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Ultra-low velocity of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in the application of the measurement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-04
1. Working principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for a certain electrical conductivity of the fluid volume flow measurement, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, in perpendicular to the magnetic field of magnetic conductive liquid pipe cutting lines of motion, will generate induced voltage in a direction perpendicular to the flow, its size is: V = KBvD. Type for the induced voltage in V, B is the magnetic induction intensity, D as the pipe diameter, for instrument coefficient K, V is the average flow velocity. When the magnetic induction intensity is constant, the induced voltage is proportional to the size of the average flow velocity. By detecting the electromagnetic flowmeter induced voltage conversion out the flow of the liquid in the pipeline. But when the liquid flow rate is very low, the induced voltage is very small, difficult to differentiate with noise, the measurement error increases, thus limits the detection limit of electromagnetic flowmeter. Ultra-low velocity of electromagnetic flowmeter USES a series of advanced technology, has realized the ZUI low medium velocity in 0. Under the condition of 5 m/s accurate measurement, and ensure the sensitivity, stability and reliability of the instrument. In order to achieve the low flow rate measurement, use the following techniques to improve the detection sensitivity and measurement precision of the instrument, and can meet the requirement of fluid: ( 1) Adopts programmable low-frequency rectangular wave excitation method, improve the stability of the flow measurement. Has the characteristics of low consumption, small electrode pollution effects, especially suitable for high viscosity polymer profile control agent of measurement, at the same time in order to adapt to a variety of characteristics of profile control agent, also provides various excitation modes to adapt to the size and other special conditions and pulsating flow measurement. ( 2) Using 12 high precision A/D conversion circuit, digital signal processing technology, strong anti-jamming capability, noise processing is convenient. Using digital processing technology to realize the programmable control, you can easily to control excitation circuit, according to the characteristics of the fluid automatically choose high SNR ZUI excitation mode, the application of digital filtering technology can effectively eliminate the noise in the signal on the result of measurement, the measurement sensitivity can be up to 1 mm/s, the flow measurement range can be up to 1500:1, at the same time, digital processing technology can conveniently for flow meter parameter adjustment, digital communication interface can be directly connected to the various external devices. ( 3) Application of optimized design of high common mode rejection ratio, high input impedance and low noise amplifier circuit, improve the detection sensitivity, the design of switching power supply, reduced to 3 MVP - ripple voltage P, greatly reduce the noise in the measurement. ( 4) Using 16-bit microprocessor, operation ability, speed, use of advanced algorithm for software of noise in the signal processing, can effectively improve the accuracy of detection, and provides a variety of auxiliary functions such as self-diagnosis, Chinese menu. ( 5) The fluorine plastic injection and titanium electrode in the village, can adapt to the request of the fluid corrosion. 2. Electromagnetic flowmeter in the application of polymer profile control agent for measuring a production plant to polymer profile control of two injection Wells, the on-line detection of profile control agent flow scheme. The profile control agent by the main agent and two kinds of profile control agent of A and B, the dispensing system consists of two people injection pump respectively on one of the components of profile control agent, using new type of electromagnetic flowmeter for metering. Flow meter is installed on the injection pump outlet pipe, the flow in the field to display and transmit to the flow controller, according to the scheme of profile control, traffic flow controller according to the main agent in accordance with the ratio of profile control agent is calculated for each component of the flow, through the inverter control injection pump displacement, so as to realize the accurate formula of profile control agent. New type of electromagnetic flowmeter in the application of the related technical parameters are as follows: measurement Fan Gu: 0. 05 ~ 5 m/s meter diameter: 10 mm straight pipe upstream: 5 d downstream straight pipe: 3 d measurement error: 0. 5% measured medium: Yin, cationic polymer solution sensors lining material: F - 46 ( Tetrafluoroethylene and six fluorine ethylene copolymer, FEP) Medium temperature: & lt; 70 ℃ medium pressure: 15 mpa signal interface: 4 ~ 20 ma current signal in order to improve the ratio of dispensing system control precision and stability of the adopted cascade and ratio control system, the main agent of the traffic signal is obtained by ratio device after operation for two kinds of profile control agent of a given value, flow control in every loop form a closed loop control, adopting this scheme can effectively guarantee the dynamic ratio, eliminate the influence of dynamic lag. 3. Running situation and effect for people after operation, the system of the fluid flow control system run data has carried on the track, through the analysis of the data, the new type of low accuracy and reliability of the operation of the velocity of electromagnetic flowmeter, fast response, the instrument can accurately reflect the flow of value change, at the same time meter has a full Chinese menu, with functions of self-diagnosis, facilitate testing and adjust the working parameters, flow meter can meet the requirements of flow measurement in the process of profile control, but the traffic was so low in the test under the conditions of measurement error. The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is not only ensure the accurate formula of profile control agent formula, at the same time, the preparation of profile control agent from the original manual weighing mixed improvement to the automatic dispensing, not only improve the work efficiency, and to achieve the continuous preparation, reduce the waste of profile control agent, which has achieved good economic benefits.
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