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Thermal type gas mass flowmeter using features

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-07

thermal type gas mass flowmeter is a high efficient and reliable flow measuring instrument, flexible configuration, powerful, high cost performance, in the field of petroleum processing, chemical and other widely used. Thermal type gas mass flowmeter directly measured through the medium of mass flow meter, can also be measured medium density and indirect measurement of the temperature of the medium. Mass flowmeter is unable to control flow, it can only detect the quality of liquid or gas flow, through simulation output voltage, current, or serial communication flow value. Thermal type gas mass flowmeter is measured by thermal type, how to take away the molecular mass of a molecular fission to measure flow, because it is measured by thermal type, so not because of gas temperature, pressure changes which affect the measurement result. Mass flowmeter for a variety of medium, high measurement accuracy, low straight pipe installation requirements. Good reliability, low maintenance rate, with the core processor. But the mass flowmeter is instrument can detect at the same time can be controlled. Itself in addition to the measured parts, but also with a solenoid valve, this mass flow control itself constitute a closed loop system, is used to control the mass flow of the fluid. The setpoint of mass flowmeter can through simulation of analog voltage, current, or computer, PLC. With the improvement of automation level, many production processes are puts forward new requirements for flow measurement. The quality of the chemical reaction process is subject to protect the material ( Rather than volume) Control. Steam, heating, cooling effect of air flow is proportional to the mass flow rate. The strict control of product quality, accurate cost accounting, fuel quantity control of aircraft and missiles, also need to be accurate. So the mass flowmeter is a kind of important flow measuring instrument. Due to the application of thermal type gas mass flowmeter in general is relatively simple, as long as the correct installation, easy debugging putting-in-service proactively. In everyday use, need to adjust mass flowmeter zero regularly, almost do not need to maintain at ordinary times, also need to pay attention to when using. 1, in the use of mass flowmeter at ordinary times, should prevent power outages and stitch. Take the power and signal lines to make mass flowmeter measurement, short time causing metering disputes, such problems should be noticed. The solution is to have a meter box lock, the specialist is responsible for the management. 2, thermal type gas mass flowmeter in use process in use, it is necessary to accurately under the condition of zero calibration mass flowmeter are online using the high accuracy measuring instrument, the zero drift have an effect on the measured results, use for a long time when the calibration on a regular basis. 3, be sure to avoid using mass flowmeter range than happens, this will cause the measurement accuracy of instrument down, will cause the instrument damage. Such as more than the instrument using the temperature range of steam sweep line operation, will make the detection coil damage and make the mass flowmeter can't use. 4, high precision, its price is high, this requires the careful maintenance, if you will make it with high quality stabilized voltage supply, frequent checks of your vibration and use the site conditions, etc. , to ensure the accuracy and the safety of the instrument. 5, the success of thermal gas mass flow meter application, and the installation has a direct relationship. In addition to the normal installation requirements, pay special attention to reduce the vibration impact, because the mass flowmeter is based on the vibration principle of work, can introduce interference and vibration. But as small as possible interference for precise measurement is beneficial and so on from the vibration of the pipeline and the field environment to try to avoid as far as possible.

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