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The working principle of turbine transmitter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-11

the working principle of turbine flow meter is when the fluid flow along the pipe axis direction, and impact turbine blades, qv have with flow, the velocity V, and fluid density & rho; Is proportional to the product of the force on the blades, turbine rotate. In turbine rotate at the same time, blade cutting electromagnet field lines, periodically change coil magnetic flux. Inside coil according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the induction the voltage signal of the pulse, the pulse signal is directly proportional to the frequency and the flow of traffic.

by the turbine turbine flow meter, bearing, preamplifier, display instrument. By flow impact turbine blade body, make the turbine to rotate, the turbine speed changes along with the change of flow rate, large flow, the speed of the turbine is also big, then through magnetoelectricity conversion device of the turbine speed is converted to the corresponding frequency pulses of electricity, after preamplifier amplification into display instrument to count and, according to the number of pulses per unit time and the cumulative pulse number can be calculated instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.

turbine transmitter output pulse signal, after prior to the amplifier amplification, into display instrument, can achieve flow measurement.

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