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The v-cone flow meter has features unmatched by other flow meters

by:Sincerity Group     2023-04-01
Abstract: The v-cone flow meter has the incomparable characteristics of other flow meters. The information is provided to you by the excellent flow meter and flow meter manufacturers. V-cone flowmeters are installed in very long straight pipes without obstructions and without any interference, and their fluid is said to be fully developed flow. If a line of diameter is taken on the section of the pipe, the flow velocity will be different at each point on the line. stick. More flowmeter manufacturers choose models and price quotations. You are welcome to inquire. The following is the article details of the v-cone flowmeters that have unparalleled characteristics of other flowmeters. V-cone flowmeters are installed in very long straight pipes without obstructions and without any interference, and their fluid is said to be fully developed flow. If a line of diameter is taken on the section of the pipe, the flow velocity will be different at each point on the line. The fluid close to the pipe wall has almost zero velocity because of frictional resistance, while the flow velocity at the center is the highest. If there is a cone suspended in the center of the pipe, it forces the flow rate to slow down at the center and increase the flow rate near the pipe wall, so that the flow rate is“average”Effect. Other differential pressure flow meters are empty in the center and cannot equalize the flow rate. This is one of the great advantages of the V-cone flowmeter, so that the V-cone can still generate sufficient differential pressure at low flow rates. As the flow rate decreases, this effect is more significant, and it also reduces the installation of straight pipe sections. Require. In this state, other traditional differential pressure instruments may not be able to measure for a long time. 1. A very mature and well-known technology = rest assured, easy to use; 2. No internal electronic components = flexible use (change range, replacement, maintenance, on-site inspection); not affected by on-site electromagnetic interference; 3. User-owned The power and opportunity to choose the electronic part; the electronic part (transmitter) can be calibrated separately, and it is easy to realize the integration; 4. No moving parts, high repeatability; 5. Wide application area and flexible use occasions (Applicable medium: liquid/gas/steam; high/medium/low temperature, high/medium/low pressure; high/medium/low flow rate; clean/dirty fluid; large/medium/small diameter) 6. The highest degree of standardization; 7 . The accuracy is guaranteed: the error caused by the density change is small, only 1/2 of the velocity type flowmeter (such as electromagnetic, vortex, turbine, ultrasonic flowmeter); (∵ density term is within the square root) 8. Very flexible* pressure loss/drop; (flexible by design,βThe value can be selected according to needs); 9. Strong replaceability and scalability; (differential pressure transmitter, secondary meter, primary element can be replaced arbitrarily, differential pressure transmitter can be connected in parallel to widen the range) 10 .Easy to verify (as long as the fluid dynamics and geometry are similar, the outflow coefficient can be reproduced); 11. There are various types and materials of primary elements to choose from, especially the new generation of AVZ; 12. Can be installed Thermal insulation (heat tracing) device to achieve liquid viscosity reduction; 13. It can be classified and graded according to the requirements of the use environment, and it is easy to meet the explosion-proof requirements. 14, with good accuracy (≤0.5%) and repeatability (≤0.1%). 15. It has a wide range ratio (10:1~15:1). 16. Self-rectification function requires only a very short straight pipe section (1-3D in the front and 0-1D in the back). 17. Self-cleaning function, which can measure dirty and fouling fluids, suitable for medium with more impurities such as blast furnace gas. 18. Self-protection function, the key parts of the throttling parts are not worn, and can maintain long-term and stable work. 19, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, not afraid of vibration. 20. The types of measurable fluids are very wide (liquid, gas, steam), the flow measurement range is wide (micro flow ~ large flow), and the applicable pipeline is DN15 ~ DN3000. 21. The flowmeter structure design is a fluid sweeping structure, not May trap any entrained gas, liquid or solid phase contamination in the fluid, very suitable for flow measurement of dirty fluids, such as coke oven gas, wet gas, etc. 22, no moving parts 23, when the fluid flows through a special profile When the inner cone is formed, a boundary layer is formed around its periphery and diverts the fluid away from the edge of the tail of the cone, thereby reducing the possibility of it being worn. 24. Measure steam and hot water in the heat exchange station without straight pipe section. Due to the relatively small space of the heat exchange station, the selection of a general flowmeter requires a long straight pipe section, which affects the operation accuracy. It is used to measure the blast furnace gas, and has a self-cleaning effect, and the impulse pipe is not easy to be blocked. The above is the whole content of this article. 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