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The use of intelligent turbine meter scale before the installation debugging

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-18
Abstract: the intelligent turbine meter scale installation and debugging work before the use of the information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. The installation of the turbine flowmeter using to give full play to the characteristics of turbine flowmeter, must also be in the installation of the flowmeter using sufficient attention. The following summary discuss these issues. ( 1) Turbine meter measured medium liquid, measured by the general. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the use of intelligent turbine meter scale before the installation and debugging work of the article details. The installation of the turbine flowmeter using to give full play to the characteristics of turbine flowmeter, must also be in the installation of the flowmeter using sufficient attention. The following summary discuss these issues. ( 1) Measured by liquid turbine flow meter measured medium, is generally low viscosity ( General should be less than 15 & times; l0-6m2/s) , low corrosive liquid. Although the turbine flowmeter measurement has been used for a variety of media, but for high temperature, high viscosity, strong corrosive medium measurement still needs to be carefully considered, the corresponding measures. When the viscosity of the medium v greater than 15 & times; L0-6 m2 / s, the instrument coefficient of flow meter must be solid liquid calibration, otherwise it will cause greater error. Tip: vapor-liquid two-phase flow, gas-solid two phase flow, thick - solid two-phase flow can't use the turbine flowmeter measurement. ( 2) The installation of the piping installation requirements flowmeter has great influence on measuring accuracy of the meter. 1, the flow rate distribution and the existence of the secondary flow is an important factor which affect measurement accuracy of turbine flowmeter. So, the turbine flowmeter of straight pipe upstream or downstream & ndash; On request. For industrial measurement, generally requires the upstream 20 d, 5 d downstream straight pipe length. Is to eliminate the secondary flow, zui to upstream end with rectifier. There are about 20 d if the upstream end can guarantee the straight section, and adding rectifier, can make the measurement accuracy of flowmeter calibration accuracy of grades. 2, turbine flowmeter have higher request for the purity of the fluid and filter in front of the meter shall be installed to ensure clean fluid. Filter funnel type can be used, its cleanliness, measurable its differential pressure at the ends of the change. 3, in order to guarantee through the flowmeter is single-phase fluid, namely cannot let or steam into the air flow meter, flow meter should be installed upstream necessary gets over. For easy vaporization of liquid, the flowmeter downstream must ensure that the back pressure. The size of the back pressure desirable zui pressure drop under heavy traffic flow sensor twice and zui measured liquid under the high temperature steam pressure of 1. 2 times. ( 3) Signal transmission line to ensure that the display instrument of turbine, the sensitivity of sensor output pulse signal to have enough to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Therefore, when installation should guard against all kinds of electrical interference phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic induction, anti-static, and capacitive coupling. Therefore, in the configuration of signal transmission lines, must pay attention to the following points: 1, the limit line zui great length. Zui large length of signal lines, L = dV; Among them, the V for the zui small flow sensing coil output voltage RMS, mV; D as the coefficient, m/mV, its value seek: V < 1000 mV, d = 1. 0; 1000 mV < d < 5000 mV, d = 1. 5; V> 5000 mv, d = 2. 0. 2, signal transmission lines should be shielded cable, in case of induced noise from outside. Requires transmission cable shielding grounding on the display instrument end. Transmission cables near the strong electromagnetic device, not allowed and the power line by line layout. ( 4) Operation maintenance (1) when the turbine flowmeter pipe need to be cleaned, must open the bypass, cleaning liquid can't through the flowmeter. (2) must first open the bypass pipe system startup, the sudden increase in order to prevent the flow velocity, the turbine speed is too large and the damage caused. (3) turbine flowmeter bearing should be replaced periodically, generally according to the flow characteristic change to observe its bearing abrasion of the above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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