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The use of gas meter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-22

we can see that the gas flowmeter flowmeter is widely used in industrial production and life, such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas supply, water supply and so on industry in the process of using gas flowmeter flowmeter should be in accordance with the following requirements, so as to ensure that whatever we in the process of selection or in the later maintenance is handy, increasing the use fixed number of year. A, instrument types determine: for gas flowmeter flowmeter is a lot of models, we should choose according to actual needs, at the same time, the choice of its form a complete set of components is also very important. In choosing when we should be based on three points to choose, is a precision up to par, 2 it is to meet the requirements of production safety, 3 it is to meet production requirement. Two, before using the calibration: in order to ensure the flow sensor in the later in the process of using accurate and reliable measuring results, we will need to install before use in formal flow sensor to have the detection capability and qualification of the department for a full flow system within the scope of testing. It doesn't matter by the manufacturer to provide the factory qualified certificate of quality and easily judge his parts. Three, reliable installation: the installation of any kind of flowmeter are required to avoid vibration and the high temperature environment, because it can interfere with the accuracy of flowmeter and the usage of components, keep straight pipe before and after the flow sensor inner surface smooth and flat, ensure to clean single-phase fluid measured medium, etc.

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