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The use of electromagnetic flow meter scale and maintenance

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-02
Abstract: the use of electromagnetic flowmeter scale and maintenance information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Electromagnetic flowmeter is made according to the ferrari brother's law of electromagnetic induction. Used to measure the electrical conductivity is greater than 5 s/cm of conductive liquid volume flow, especially suitable for all kinds of high corrosive medium and solid liquid two phase measurement, high demand, such as industrial wastewater, pulp, mud,. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the use of electromagnetic flowmeter scale and maintain article details. Electromagnetic flowmeter is made according to the ferrari brother's law of electromagnetic induction. Used to measure the electrical conductivity is greater than 5 & mu; S/cm of conductive liquid volume flow, especially suitable for all kinds of high corrosive medium and solid liquid two phase measurement, high demand, such as industrial wastewater, pulp, mud and slurry, etc. With low frequency rectangular wave in recent decades, the dual-band rectangular wave excitation technology and the development of microprocessor technology, anti-jamming capability, electromagnetic flowmeter measurement accuracy is greatly increased, make its application more widely. As a full package and electrodeless electromagnetic flowmeter flowmeter ( Used for low conductivity of liquid, under the condition of the lining with insulating layer can still work) The launch of the application field of electromagnetic flowmeter further expansion. 1 selection when considering several factors. 1 precision grade and the function of electromagnetic sewage flow meter with high precision are & plusmn; 0. 2℅~ ± 0. 3℅F。 S, low accuracy & plusmn; 1. 5℅~ ± 2. 5℅F。 S。 Alumina production process are generally not too high to precision requirement, choose high precision instrument uneconomical in terms of economy, choose the general accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter. Only one-way measurement, electromagnetic flowmeter features simple output analog signal; Function of a two-way flow measurement, switch range, upper and lower flow alarm, atc and the power cut off alarm, cut of small signal, traffic volume, automatic proofreading and fault self-diagnosis, and PC communication and configuration. Some instrument with serial communication interface, but even the HART and PROFIBUS and MODBUS, FF fieldbus, etc. The intelligent instrument has made great instrument configuration process and maintenance. 1. 2 range, wide range of diameter and velocity of the electromagnetic flowmeter range, range than 100:1. Production of alumina slurry, general economic flow rate is 1. 5~3m/s。 The calibre of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor generally the same as the pipe diameter. Full range when the velocity can be in the range of 1 ~ 12 m/s selection, scale range is wide, is generally recommended that no more than 5 m/s. Easy adhesion, scaling liquid such as red mud, good velocity zui, usually for 3 ~ 4 m/s. Pulp, such as wear and tear 'strong fluid, velocity of 2 ~ 3 m/s, commonly used to reduce the wear of electrode lining. 1. 3 lining material of choice for in the process of alumina slurry containing lye, slurry temperature is high, so for electromagnetic flowmeter lining, alkali corrosion resistance to high temperature of 90 ℃ or so. Optional fluorine plastic and ceramic lining materials. Fluorine plastic lining zui early application of PTFE teflon, has excellent corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance - 40 ~ + 180 ℃, when measured serous luid etc is not easy to adhere to. But it is wear-resisting, can not be used in the measurement of pulp, cannot be applied to negative pressure. Fluorine plastic modified varieties with PFA and F46, heat-resistant anti-corrosive performance similar to PTFE, can be used under the condition of vacuum and negative pressure. Alumina ceramic lining has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, resistance to high pressure, high temperature resistant, 120~140/180℃) , is suitable for the corrosive slurry. But it is not severe changes of temperature resistance brittle, fragile when installation clamping. 1. 4 first consider the choice of electrode material and electrode to the measurement of corrosion resistance, followed by whether can produce electrode surface effect, Surface chemical reaction, electrochemical reaction and polarization) 。 Improper selection, will produce the chemical oxidation of passivation, and form the insulating film electrode surface and the polarization phenomenon, interfere with the normal measurement. 1. 5 electrode form electromagnetic flowmeter in measuring the fluid such as serum, electric sediment are attached. Electrode is polluted, often makes the instrument will not work. For electrode pollution, electrode can choose not easy adhesion, pointed or domed electrode, electrode ( Scrape can be outside the sensor periodically manual scaling back) And replaceable type electrode ( Electrodes were removed under operating conditions, effectively clean or change new) 。 1. 6 the influence of excitation mode excitation technique is one of the key technology of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement performance and commonly used ac excitation, low-frequency rectangular wave excitation, dual-band rectangular wave excitation. Ac excitation power frequency interference, is the main problem that easy cause changes in zero, the measuring precision is low. Low-frequency rectangular wave excitation, use frequency is 50/2 ~ 50/36 hz, power frequency interference, zero stability and accuracy of measurement. But the excitation frequency is reduced, can make the instrument low frequency interference resistance is abate, slow response speed. When measuring the mud containing solid particles and fibers, such as fluid and the low conductivity of fluid, and can produce electrical noise, make the output signal swing. Dual frequency rectangular wave excitation, is made up of low frequency and high frequency rectangular wave superposition. Not only has the zero stability of the low-frequency rectangular wave excitation, but also has high frequency rectangular wave excitation to interfere with mud and fluid noise inhibition ability.
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