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The types and characteristics of integrated temperature transmitter

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-10
Integrated temperature transmitter by temperature measuring probe (commonly The thermocouple or heat resistance sensor) And the two wire system solid electronic units. In the form of solid module temperature measuring probe directly installed on the terminal box, thus forming the integration of the transducer. The integration of general component is a thermal resistance and thermocouple temperature transmitter type two kinds. Heat resistance temperature transmitter is the R/y conversion unit, the benchmark unit, linear circuit, reverse connect protection, current limiting protection, V/I conversion unit, etc. Measuring temperature resistance signal transfer 0 in enlarged, again by linear circuit compensate nonlinear relationship with the resistance to temperature, after the V/I conversion circuit outputs a measured a linear relationship with temperature and constant current signal of 4 ~ 20 ma. Thermocouple temperature transmitter by the reference source, cold junction compensation, amplifier unit, linearization, V/I conversion, broken accidentally processing, reverse connect protection, current limiting circuit protection units. It is the cold junction compensation of thermocouple thermoelectric potential enlarged, cap again by linear circuits eliminate the nonlinear error of thermoelectric potential and temperature, the final amplification into 4 ~ 20 ma current output signal. In order to prevent the thermocouple measurement by thermocouple wire break and make the temperature control failure caused by accident, not power-off protection circuit in the transmitter. When the thermocouple wire break or pick up solution, transmitter will output the maximum value ( 28mA) In order to make the instrument to cut off the power supply. Integrated temperature transmitter has a simple structure, saves the wire, big output signal, strong anti-interference ability, good linear, reverse connection protection and current limiting protection, reliable operation, etc. Integrated temperature transmitter output for unification of 4 ~ 20 ma signal, can be used with microcomputer system or other conventional instrument match. Can also be user requirements to make explosion-proof type or fire type measuring instrument.
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