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The selection and use of electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-01

a and electric conductivity, electromagnetic flowmeter is the use of conductive fluid flow in the magnetic field generated by the magnetic induction electromotive force to calculate flow rate, so the liquid in the pipeline under test must be conductive, otherwise when low conductivity measurement can produce error even without reading, general use electromagnetic flow timing requirements tube by measuring the conductivity of the fluid is greater than 5 us/cm. Second, the scope of application: can only measure the liquid. Cannot measure the fluid with large amounts of gas, oil products, organic solvents, deionized water, ultrapure water, etc. Applicable to the smudgy medium, corrosive medium ( Such as alkali, etc. ) 。 Characteristics: is characterized by low pressure loss, almost no, straight pipe required low ( Usually before 5 d after 3 d) , diameter can be very big, can do pipeline can also do plug-in, range than wide. Four, structure and protective current electromagnetic flowmeter can do one-piece structure can also be split type structure, degree of protection IP65 one-piece structure, of course, split type can do IP68.

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