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The role of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in industrial measurement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-30

electromagnetic flowmeter is one of the most common type of flowmeter in industrial measurement, its application field widely, large diameter instrument is more applied in water supply and drainage engineering; Small caliber is often used in high demand or dangerous situations, such as iron and steel industry blast furnace tuyere cooling water control, papermaking industry measure paper slurry and the black liquor, strong corrosive liquid, chemical industry non-ferrous metallurgical industry of the pulp; Small diameter, small diameter is often used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biochemistry and places of health requirements.

in the electromagnetic flowmeter, the measuring tube conductive medium is equivalent to conducting metal rods in the Faraday experiment, up and down at the ends of the two electromagnetic coils generate constant magnetic field. When conducting medium flows, the induced voltage is produced. The inside of the pipe induced voltage produced two electrodes are measured. Measuring pipeline through non-conductive lining with fluid and measuring electrode electromagnetic isolation.

on the market a greater difference between the function of the electromagnetic flowmeter, simple just measuring the one-way traffic, only after output analog signal to drive an instrument; Multifunctional instrument with two-way flow measuring, switch range, upper and lower flow alarm, air traffic control and the power cut off alarm, cut of small signal, flow display and volume, automatic check and fault self-diagnosis, communicate with PC and motion configuration, etc. Some models of instrument serial digital communication function can choose a variety of communication interface and dedicated chip ( ASIC) To connect the HART protocol system, PROFTBUS, Modbus, FF fieldbus, etc.

electromagnetic flowmeter has a series of excellent properties, can solve the problem of other flow meter is not easy to apply, such as dirt flow, corrosion flow measurement. Advantages:

measurement channel is smooth and straight, not blocked, suitable for measuring the solid-liquid two-phase fluid containing solid particles, such as pulp, slurry, sewage, etc.

does not produce the pressure loss caused by the traffic detection, good energy saving effect

the measured volume flow is, in fact is not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity changes significantly affect;

flow range is big, wide diameter range;

applicable corrosive fluids.


not measuring liquid conductivity is very low, such as petroleum products

can't measure the larger bubbles in the liquid gas, steam and

cannot be used in high temperature.

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