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The principle and characteristic of thermal type gas mass flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-06
Thermal type gas mass flowmeter on the principle of thermal diffusion, thermal diffusion technology is a critical technology under the condition of good performance, high reliability, the typical sensors include two thermal resistance ( Platinum RTD) , one is the speed sensor, a temperature sensor is automatically compensate gas temperature changes. When the two RTD were placed in the medium, the speed sensor is heated to the ambient temperature more than a constant temperature, a temperature sensor for temperature induction medium. Through the speed sensor of gas mass flow rate is calculated amount of heat transfer through the sensing element. Gas rate increases, the sensor is passed to the increase in the number of heat medium, so you need to supply more power, the electronic unit heating power of RTD and mass flow rate with a certain corresponding relationship. Characteristics:

without pressure and temperature compensation, direct measurement of gas mass flow rate and composition is simple, small failure probability;

high range ratio ( More than 100:1) ;

fast response, high precision;

high sensitivity, especially suitable for big diameter, the low velocity of flow measurement;

field, according to the signal output, the lower limit alarm, etc.

structure diversity, plug-in, pipeline installation, flexible installation, loading and unloading of convenient, easy operation;

no moving parts, stable structure, resistance to vibration;

can be used in high temperature occasion and corrosion environment.

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