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The maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-01
Electromagnetic flowmeter maintenance

1 to cleaning and maintenance in time after each use electromagnetic flowmeter, maintenance method is as follows:

2 meter wall, wash with water, washing when available flannelette gently scrub with water. It is forbidden to use hard objects or nylon scrubbing brush wall to prevent wall insulation material finish is damaged and the serious influence flowmeter measurement precision. Clean it is strictly prohibited to use high pressure water washing flow meter wall; Flush the sensor signal interface socket is prohibited.

3 keep signal and so on various cable clean.

4 clean with clear water meter shell, oil nonyl bianjing nipple thread and flowmeter, keep the shell, lining, and thread clean. After cleaning in the

5, cotton dry oil nonyl thread, then apply a small amount of thread on the oil ( Or grease) , fitted with protective cover to protect the thread.

6 meter storage to special box, set aside.

7 in order to guarantee the measurement precision of electromagnetic flowmeter, under normal circumstances require every year to send a calibration and calibration measurement department.

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