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The main scale vortex precession flowmeter metering error caused by factors

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-02
Abstract: the scale vortex precession flowmeter measurement error due to the main factors of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Directly testing the standard of the gas volume flow rate and the total volume and standard. 。 More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the main scale vortex precession flowmeter metering error caused by factors article details. Directly testing the standard of the gas volume flow rate and the total volume and standard. Because it has no mechanical moving parts, not easy corrosion, high reliability, good stability, no maintenance work for a long time, in the * * * * * * * * gas factory production and sales of various metering station has been widely applied. But it is due to the natural gas in the pipe temperament is different, the change of operation condition and other factors, the error of reducing the intelligent vortex precession flowmeter metering precision. So, find out the causes of flowmeter metering error,? The improvement measures, make a detailed plan, is of great significance to improve the measurement precision of the gas. Vortex flow precession in the venturi tube, reached the contraction throttling suddenly vortex flow is accelerated. After the vortex flow into the diffuser, due to the effect of reflow force into the quadratic spin precession type, is that the frequency of vortex flow speed is proportional to the and for linear relationship with the media, by pressure sensors, weak signal detection was treated signal can be converted to flow. Second, the main factors of flowmeter flowmeter metering error caused by error factors, the error due to measurement instrument ( Pressure changes, straight pipe) Error caused by the use of conditions change, Mechanical vibration, the medium contains impurities, electromagnetic interference) And so on, therefore in the process of make moves into the vortex flowmeter, must consider whether these factors affect the normal work of the flowmeter. 2. 1 measuring instrument error such as: the influence of flow range. Each of the specifications of the flowmeter are its flow range, when the flow of the medium below the flow limit, if the medium flow rate is too low, can't detect velocity, will not be able to assure accuracy; Will produce the phenomenon such as losing pulse, leakage meter, also cannot guarantee the accuracy of flowmeter. Volume shrinking, pressure is reduced, so the flow meter range ratio is a very key factor. Such as: the influence of the pressure change. For an accuracy of 0. 5%FS( Full scale accuracy) The range of 0. 5 mpa pressure sensor, the zui big measurement error is 0. 5Mpa' 0, 5 x % = 2. 5 kpa; Its zui large relative error for & plusmn; 2. 5 kpa / 200报; 100% = 1. 25%. Thus, with the increase of test pressure, relative error is smaller and smaller. Operation is not in place, management is lax and other factors can also cause larger measurement error; Where the installation flow meter, in order to facilitate maintenance, usually equipped with by-pass flow, if bypass valve on strict or not have leakage, will cause large measurement error; No timely verification of the flowmeter, the relevant parameters and elegant can also cause large measurement error. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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