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The liquid turbine flowmeter zero check and application

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-13
Liquid zero check and application of turbine flowmeter places turbine flowmeter are the technical requirements for the machine zero check: tube filled with liquid flow sensor measurement and no flow, at the scene of the many companies do not have this condition instead of zero check and adjustment of the machine, but can be turned to the converter separate zero check and adjustment. Technically, this must be the sensor check finished and to ensure that the sensor excitation circuit and signal circuit insulation resistance is normal, All include cable) Premise is of practical significance, otherwise the machine cannot run normally. Converter zero negative alone, usually numerical are also small: if the * value is greater than 5% of full scale will need to do first check, wait for after confirm the reason to be adjusted again. Normally electromagnetic flow sensor zero point of the machine and converter single zero difference value is less than 1%. Greater than 5% of the zero difference values have many case the user in the closed pipeline valve caused by incorrect zero operation under adverse conditions. Liquid turbine flow meter in practical applications, the turbine flowmeter is often ZUI traffic far below the threshold value, as the change of load, ZUI small flow and tend to be lower than the lower limit value, the instrument is not work in its ZUI preferred working segments, in order to solve this problem, usually used in the measurement of reducing, improve the measurement of flow velocity and choose a relatively small diameter instrument for measuring instrument, but this way of variable diameter must be variable diameter pipe between the instrument and straight pipe length is more than 15 d were rectifier, processing, installation is inconvenient. Liquid turbine flowmeter profile shape is the variable diameter of circular arc, rectifier rectifier, improve the velocity and change the velocity distribution of multiple effect, its structure size is small, only for the process pipe inner 1/3, and flowmeter into an organic whole, not only does not need to be added a straight pipe, and can also reduce the requirement for process straight section of pipe installation is very convenient.
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