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The intelligent vortex flowmeter of gas meter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-27

gas meter ( Vortex street flowmeter) The principle and application of vortex flowmeter is based on the principle of karman vortex closed pipe fluid flow measurement of new flow meter. Medium because of its good ability to adapt, to directly measure need for temperature and pressure compensation steam for steam, air, gas, water, liquid volume flow of working conditions, equipped with temperature and pressure sensors to measure standard conditions and volume flow to mass flow, is the ideal substitute of orifice flowmeter. In order to improve high temperature resistance and vibration resistance performance of the vortex flowmeter, our company newly developed HLUG improved vortex flow sensor, because of its unique structure and material to make the sensor in high temperature ( 350℃) And strong vibration ( ≤ 1 g) Under the condition of use. In practical application, often the upper limit of maximum flow is far lower than the instrument, as the change of load, minimum flow and tend to be lower than the lower limit value, instrument does not work at its best working period, in order to solve this problem, usually used in the measurement of reducing increase of flow velocity measurement, and select the small diameter of instrument for measuring instrument, but this way of variable diameter must be length between variable diameter pipe and instrument for more than 15 d straight section of the whole flow, processing, installation is inconvenient. Developed by our company profile shape of circular arc LGZ variable diameter rectifier, a rectifier, improve the velocity and change the velocity distribution of multiple function, its structure size is small, just as the process pipe inner 1/3, and the vortex street flowmeter into an organic whole, not only does not need to be added a straight pipe, and can also reduce the requirement for process straight section of pipe installation is very convenient. In order to use convenient, battery-powered local display type vortex flowmeter using micro power consumption of new and high technology, using lithium batteries don't run around more than a year to save the purchase cost of installation, cable and display instrument to local display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, etc. Temperature compensation of a bodily form vortex flowmeter with temperature sensor, can directly measure the temperature of saturated steam and calculate the stress, which shows that the mass flow of saturated steam. A body temperature pressure compensation with temperature and pressure sensors, used for gas flow measurement can directly measure the temperature and pressure of gas medium, showing the state of the volume of the gas flow. Technical parameters: the measured medium: gas, liquid, steam diameter specifications: flange card mounted caliber caliber 25,32,50,80,100 flange connection type selection 100150200250300 plug-in caliber choice: 300350400450500600800100 pieces zero flow measurement range: normal measuring velocity range of Reynolds number 1. 5× 104 ~ 4报; 106; Gas 5 to 50 m/s; Liquid 0. 5 to 7 m/s measuring accuracy: 1. 0 level 1. Level 5 temperature measured medium: normal temperature & ndash; 25 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ mixer output signal, the output voltage pulse signal is high level 8 ~ 10 v low level 0. 7 ~ 1. 3 v pulse duty ratio is about 50%, transmission distance is 100 m, pulse current remote signal: 4 ~ 20 mA, transmission distance is 1000 m instrument using the environment temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃, humidity: 5 ~ 90% RH50 ℃ material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy power: DC24V or lithium battery 3. 6 v explosive-proof grade: this type iaIIbT3 - Ann T6 protection grade: IP65

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