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The intelligent vortex flowmeter can be used in what kind of environment?

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-21
Intelligent vortex flowmeter is a kind of industrial pipe dielectric fluid flow measurement instrument, measurement can be used for a variety of media. You know vortex flowmeter can be used in what kind of environment? We know that intelligent vortex flowmeter can be used in many harsh environments, but not all can use in all circumstances, such as the following two cases will not be able to use vortex flowmeter. 1, in the absence of the gas flow field, when the intelligent vortex flowmeter in the change of magnetic field at the instant of the magnetic field changes, the intelligent vortex flowmeter sensor can sense if a wrong signal and output. So intelligent vortex flow meter is not suitable for installation in strong vibration of the place. Another but in changing magnetic field, measuring results will be higher than normal signal output. 2, coke oven gas as the factory when the temperature is high, the humidity is big, so the water in the process of gas transmission will exist. Gas flow will drive the moisture reciprocating movements, forming a pulsating flow. Intelligent vortex flowmeter in this fluid situation, the output data to large and small, lead to inaccurate results, so in this case to avoid using vortex flowmeter. Through the introduction of us, and we know the use of the intelligent vortex flowmeter environment? Superfamily shihua is is one specialized is engaged in the vortex flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, rotor flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter flow meter, such as the production and manufacture of integrated manufacturers, invites customers around the country to order.
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