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The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter scale installation specification

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-29
Abstract: the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter scale installation specification information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter installation specification, Bachok instrument technology small common sense) Jiangsu bachok instrument technology co. , LTD. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter appear unstable situation is caused by installation of non-standard, today we will follow our company's technical staff to understand together. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter scale installation standard article details. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter installation specification intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter appear unstable situation is caused by installation of non-standard, today we will follow our company's technical staff together to have an idea of how to correctly installed intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. A, sensor installation specification, the requirements of installation site usually electromagnetic flow sensor shell protection etc are IP67, have the following requirements on installation site. 1) Measurement of mixed phase flow, choose the place that does not cause phase separation; When measuring the two-component liquid, avoid in has not yet been mixing downstream; When measuring chemical reaction, in response to fully complete the section downstream; 2) As far as possible to avoid the measuring tube into a negative pressure; 3) Choose the little vibration, especially for a size instrument; 4) Avoid near a big motor, transformer, etc. , so as not to cause electromagnetic interference; 5) The place that is easy to realize sensor separate grounding; 6) As far as possible to avoid the environment has a high concentration of corrosive gas; 7) Environment temperature in 50/600 - / - 10 ~ 25 ℃ range, shape structure temperature is also subject to electronic components, to a narrower range; 8) As far as possible to avoid direct sunlight; 2, the requirements of the straight pipe installation first pay attention to the sensor itself does not as a supporting point of the load, it can't support the next work, pipe should be holding its pipeline bearing. Electromagnetic flow sensor measurement accuracy, in order to obtain the normal straight pipe upstream also should have a certain length, but its length compared with most other flowmeters demand is low. 90º Elbow, tee pipe, concentric reducer, fully open gate to from the sensor after 5 times the diameter of the inlet flange junction surface ( 5 d) The length of the straight pipe, the different opening of valve requires the 10 d; Downstream straight pipe for ( 2 ~ 3) D; But to prevent the butterfly valve plates to the sensor tube. The standard or verification procedures proposed upstream and downstream straight pipe length is not consistent, some demands more than the usual high electromagnetic flowmeter. This is because to ensure the current 0. The requirement of precision instrument level 5. 3, installation position and direction of flow sensor installation direction (horizontal, vertical or inclined Must be horizontal or inclined upward direction of fluid flow) May be, is not restricted. But to ensure the measuring tube and process piping coaxial. The axis deviation shall not be more than 2 mm. Measure the solid-liquid two-phase fluid zui vertical installation, good flow from bottom to top. When mounted horizontally lining that can avoid lower partial wear serious, shortcomings and so on low velocity when the solid phase precipitation. In sensor adjacent pipelines for welding or flame cutting, to take quarantine measures, to prevent the lining is heated, and must confirm instrument transducer signal line not connected, prevent damage when mounted horizontally to make converter electrode axis parallel to the horizon, not in the perpendicular to the horizon, because in the department of electricity is easily covered by sediment, the top electric vulnerable to accidentally put air bubbles in the liquid grazed the electrode surface, make the output signal wave. 4, negative pressure piping installation fluorine plastic liner sensor must be cautiously used in pressure piping; Positive pressure piping should prevent to produce negative pressure, liquid temperature is higher than the room temperature of piping system, for example, close the valve upstream and downstream sensors stop running after, will form a negative pressure, fluid cooling contraction should be near the sensor installed to prevent negative pressure valve, factory regulations, PTFE and PFA plastic lining is applied to the pressure of the pressure piping in 200 c, 1000 c, 1300 c is used when the absolute pressure must be greater than for non-conductive pipes respectively, flange clamp grounding in sensor flange and pipe flanges. 5, grounding sensor must be individually ( Grounding resistance 10 & Omega; The following) 。 Separation type grounding in principle should be at the side of the sensor, converter grounding should be in the same place. Such as sensors in a pipeline cathodic corrosion protection, in addition to the sensor and grounding ring together, with a thick copper wire ( 16mm) By-pass sensor jumper pipe on two connecting flange, isolate cathodic protection current between the sensors. Sometimes after the stray current is too large, such as electrolytic cell along the electrolyte leakage current affect the normal EMF measurement, can take the flow sensor with the connection process between electrical isolation method. Are also on the cathodic protection of pipeline and cathodic protection current affect the EMF measurements, also can adopt this method.
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