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The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter output signal shaking big how to solve

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-24
Electromagnetic flow meter output signal shaking big how to solve? Field problem performance: sensors measured liquid under the condition of normal and stable flow, instrument signal output have larger fluctuation. Have the following reasons. 1. External electric and magnetic disturbance influence on signal converter, there are many types of interference sources, including power interference ( 50 hz frequency interference) , the motor caused by the motor electromagnetic interference, superimposed on the signal of the common-mode interference and so on. From the point of interference on the path of the incoming signal converters, mainly composed of power supply circuit and signal circuit. Converters generally disappeared in the interference when can resume normal. 2. Interference of sensor, the influence of electrode when stray current sensor, electrode were adhered on the ionosphere or as a result of the field grounding problem cause signal lines there is a lot of interfering signal, the signal processing circuit will not be able to obtain the actual signal from the noise. When the liquid is contained more varied particle size, liquid particles being measured scour electrode, the signal will appear a large number of spike interfering signal, the signal processing circuit also will not be able to obtain the actual signal from noise. 3. Sensor air bubbles in the liquid to the full package status, or, if an electrode because no contact with the liquid to be tested, this is the signal on the electrode is a chaotic signal. Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement precision is high. In measuring the pipe flow, so there is no additional pressure loss; Electromagnetic flowmeter while reliability is better, in general will not damage, but because of its principle, the sensor electrode has been contact with the liquid surface, the time is long, easy to contaminated electrode surface. So the electromagnetic flowmeter in general, customers are conditions under the condition of open, suggest a year to once a year and a half off cleaning between electrodes to ensure flowmeter measurement precision of the machine. Electromagnetic flowmeter of the common problems in the commissioning phase problems are usually caused by installation problems or selection, and problems during normal operation is usually attributed to working conditions change, or a new interference sources, etc. So during the normal operation of the problems are usually boils down to the anti-jamming ability of instrument. Electromagnetic flowmeter itself fault is mainly refers to the instrument faults caused by the damage of the components, and the causes of failure is mainly due to the pipe system and installation does not conform to the requirements, the instrument using the environment interference on the instrument and measured liquid to flow meter measuring instrument malfunction caused the disturbance, and so on and so forth.
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