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The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in the late management and maintenance

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-29
1, (1) in respect of the installation of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter sensor of straight pipe before and after the position needs to have a certain distance, at least to keep straight pipe upstream distance in 5 d, D for pipe diameter) Above, the downstream straight pipe distance is more than 2 d (2), avoiding the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is installed on the strong vibration of pipeline, lest appear measurement error (3), avoid the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter installation in strong interference sources, lest cause electromagnetic interference; Fluid (4), the pipe must be full of pipes, the full package state specific installation method of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can reference: 'how to correct installation of electromagnetic flowmeter, 2, data maintenance (1) the late, due to the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in the long run, so the largest, the amount of data need to establish a separate intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter data file, its content can include the manufacturer, type, date of production, installation environment and location, diameter size, instrument calibration time, etc. ; (2) and shall periodically inspect the operation condition of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, and do the test calibration, generally use two methods to test calibration.
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