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The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter factory in common faults in the debugging

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-30
A, 1) debugging period when the fault Fluid in the uniform distribution of tiny air bubbles in the liquid being measured usually does not affect the normal work of the flowmeter, but with the increase of air bubbles, the volatility meter output signal, if the bubble is big enough to cover the entire electrode surface, as the bubble through the electrodes can make electrode circuit instantaneous trip and make the output signal to appear larger fluctuation 2) Pipeline stray current interference environment usually take good separate grounding protection can obtain satisfied effect, but if strong stray current, still need to take other measures and flow sensor and pipe insulation, etc. Generally by the signal cable into space electromagnetic interference, usually adopts single layer or multi-layer shielding protected. 3) Low frequency square wave excitation of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement too solid content in slurry, slurry noise will be generated, the output signal wave. Measurement of mixed media, if before not mixing into the flow sensor measurements, will also make the output signal wave. Second, run-time failure run-time failure is flow meter manufacturer by the commissioning and normal operation after a period of failure, common run-time failures generally by the flow sensor wall adhesion layer, lightning strike and other factors. 1) Lightning strike by lightning easily induced in the flow line, high voltage and surge current meter damage. It mainly through the power cord or excitation coil or the flow line between the sensor and converter approaches introduced, particularly from the control room power supply cord into account for the vast majority of. 2) Sensor inside because of the flow meter used to measure the dirt adhesion layer fluid, run after a period of time, often on the inner wall of the sensor failure resulting from the accumulation of adhesion layer. These failures are often caused by adhesion layer conductivity is too big or too small. If attachments for insulating layer, the electrode circuits will be cut-off, flow meter does not work; If adhesion layer conductivity is significantly higher than fluid conductivity, the electrode circuit there will be a short circuit, flow meter can't work normally.
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