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The integration of orifice meter technology parameters and selection of reference

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-12

integration orifice meter is the standard orifice differential pressure transmitter with multiple parameters or differential pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter and pressure transmitter supporting device of high contrast range pressure flow.

integration orifice flow meter to measure gas, steam, liquid and gas flow, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, heating, water supply in areas such as process control and measurement.

technical parameters: 1. Nominal diameter: 15 mm & le; DN≤ 1200mm2. Nominal pressure: PN≤ 10MPa3. Working temperature: - 50 ℃ & le; t≤ 550℃4. Range than: 1:10. 1:15. 5. Accuracy: 0. Level 5, level 1

orifice meter pipeline installation conditions: ( 1) Straight pipe before and after the throttle articles must be straight, bend shall not be visible to the naked eye. ( 2) Install throttle with straight pipe should be smooth, if not smooth, flow coefficient should be multiplied by the roughness correction sparse. ( 3) In order to ensure the flow of the fluid in the formation of throttling a 1 d before the full development of the turbulent velocity distribution, and makes the distribution into uniform axisymmetric shape, so straight pipe must be round, and scope of throttling a 2 d before, its roundness, its very strict and have certain roundness index.

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