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The installation position of ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-22
Choose to install the location of the ultrasonic flowmeter has great influence on accuracy of the test, the selected section should avoid interference and eddy current both for greater influence on the accuracy of measurement, generally choose the section shall meet the following conditions: 1, avoid the water pump, power station, frequency, which has a strong magnetic field and vibration interference to install the machine; 2, choosing pipe should be uniform, easy to ultrasonic transmission section; 3, want to have enough long straight pipe, the installation point of straight pipe upstream must be greater than 10 d ( Note: D = diameter) And downstream is greater than 5 d; 4, installation point upstream from the water pump should be 30 d distance; 5, fluid should be full of pipeline; Around 6, pipe to have enough space to facilitate field personnel operations, underground pipes need to do the test well,

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