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The influence of steam dryness of flowmeter ( Saturated steam)

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-25
At present, for most of the flow meter used to measure steam flow volume flowmeter, the first volume flow have been measured, and then through the density calculation of steam mass flow rate, namely assume that steam is completely dry. Steam is not completely dry, however, if you don't consider the effect of steam dryness, the data will be lower than the actual flow. Power plant boiler, steam turbine thermal power industry, electric, water treatment, technology exchange secondary instrument meter should therefore have the function of the saturated steam quality Settings. But in actual working condition of the steam dryness is also very difficult. If can improve steam flowmeter at the entrance of the quality, it can improve the accuracy of measurement of steam flow meter. Therefore, we recommend in the flow meter installed upstream of separation device, in order to improve the measurement accuracy.

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