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The influence of electromagnetic interference of flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-04

electromagnetic flowmeter because of the small flow signals are susceptible to interference, interference sources are mainly pipeline stray current, static electricity, electromagnetic wave and magnetic field. Second-ranking pipeline stray current mainly by electromagnetic flowmeter good grounding protection, grounding resistance less than 100 q, usually don't share grounding and other motor and electric appliance. Sometimes better environmental conditions, the electromagnetic flowmeter can work properly without grounding, but we think even so still make good grounding for appropriate. Because once good environmental conditions exist, instrument failure, will affect to use, bring so much trouble to make all kinds of inspection. Although sometimes electromagnetic flowmeter is well grounded, because pipeline stray current is too strong, Such as electrolytic process piping and cathodic protection network) Affect the normal electromagnetic flow juice measure, but at this time should be the electromagnetic flow sensor and the pipe for electrical insulation between the isolation. Specific instances and check and eliminate process can refer to the case of 12. Low electrostatic and electromagnetic interference by electromagnetic flowmeter sensor and converter, the signal is introduced into between good shielding (usually calls for Such as signal lines with shielded cable, cable in protection of iron pipe) Can be control. But also had strong electromagnetic control invalid instance, near the converter nearer to sensors, shorten the connection of signal cable, or shift to external cable size instrument. Usually only take low magnetic field interference source electromagnetic flow sensor from magnetic field. Electromagnetic flowmeter ability to resist magnetic field of the visual sensor structural design, such as sensor excitation winding protection shell by nonmagnetic materials ( Such as aluminium, plastic) Made, weak ability to resist the influence of magnetic field, iron and steel is strong.

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