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The improvement of the bend flow meter measuring technology

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-30

as a result of the limitation of industry actual environment, many users of the site installation condition is very strict, we conducted on site installation method a lot of pioneering work, make a further perfection of our measurement technology, make the actual scope of elbow flowmeter had greater expansion. 1, the applicable scope of steam broke through the medium temperature and medium pressure area using the bend flow meter to measure steam flow should be a best choice. Through the cooperation with some companies, the elbow flowmeter applied successfully to the medium temperature ( About 430 ℃) Medium voltage ( 40 kg) Main steam flow measurement, to bend flow meter application fields for a bigger development space, breaking the orifice flowmeter in the temperature field of medium voltage the situation of unify the whole country. 2, the bending diameter ratio and broke the other application of bend sensor of bend flow meter manufacturers to use only 1. 5 d bend around the idea of sensor. Such as working with a thermal power plant USES sensors radius of curvature is greater than 5 d, enlarged the bend sensor applications, and for the bend flow meter used in medium temperature and medium pressure conditions provide security guarantee. 3, the installation of bend flow meter on the straight line. In narrow or no natural bend sensor installation location, we pioneered the use of the bend sensor installed on the straight pipe technology, further broaden the use of bend flow meter space.

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