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The differential pressure measurement device - innovation - - - - - - V cone flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-08
The differential pressure measurement device - innovation - - - - - - The installation of V cone flowmeter low minimum cost (1). Only need a few inches of welding line, complete the installation is very simple and fast. 2. Application of special tools, can be achieved with a line installation. (3). All valves and all kinds of instrument interface for simple assembly, need very low assembly cost. (1) low very low running costs. It is a kind of contract design of throttle, as a kind of plug flow probe, the power of the lowest operating cost. 2. The power of the flowmeter makes very low permanent pressure loss, typically less than 0. 7KPa  ⑶。 An orifice plate components produced by the permanent pressure loss more than 14 kpa (4). Compared with the orifice plate, power and energy loss was reduced by 95. Meter lets you can just press a button to open the flow meter, instrument can provide continuous, no record of flow readings by hand. Without any adjustment, you can measure the chromatographic column, detector and carrier gas flow rate. ADM flowmeter is best suited for measuring gas composition changes of air flow. For example, when you are measuring gas flow timing resolution system. Convenient while, also brought us a differential pressure type flowmeter revolutionary results. Flowmeter main features: V cone flowmeter is a kind of innovative differential pressure measuring device, it by hanging a v-shaped cone in the center of the pipeline to throttle, such forced flow as the center, with the center line of the pipeline body surrounding the pyramidal flow. Vortex flowmeter is used to measure the liquid and gas in the pipeline, steam flow rate of a kind of intelligent instrument. It is based on the principle of karman vortex street is a new type of intelligent flow meter, has the scene on the LCD display function, variable output current signal or frequency signal, and the corresponding two table or computer management system. Flowmeter is a kind of non-radioactive, multi-function of three-phase flowmeter is applied to the actual environment. It provides precise and real-time oil/water/gas flow measurement at the same time do not need to separate, and low maintenance, easy operation. This device does not require calibration or in advance what the properties of the medium.

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