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The design of the intelligent electrical appliances

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-14
Abstract: the design of intelligent electric information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. 0 introduction switch electric equipment in power system control and protection of important role. With the constant improvement of the power system automation level to switch electrical and substation integrated automation, suitable to the development of distribution automation and supporting. So, since the 20th century. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the design of the intelligent electrical articles for details. 0 introduction switch electric equipment in power system control and protection of important role. With the constant improvement of the power system automation level to switch electrical and substation integrated automation, suitable to the development of distribution automation and supporting. So, since the 1990 s, intelligent electrical appliances arises at the historic moment [ 1, 2] 。 Intelligent electric appliance is in the traditional switch equipment introduced in computer technology, digital processing technology and network communication technology and developed a new generation of switch electrical appliance. In the intelligent electric appliance microcomputer measuring and protection and control, some or all of the secondary system instead of the traditional switch equipment; Introduction of network communication function, the realization of electrical and electronics and electric power automation system between the exchange of information and information sharing between; By using modern sensor technology for on-line monitoring the operation of the switch electrical appliances. At present, whether high or low voltage electric appliances, electrical components or complete switchgear, are moving in the intelligent development, the intelligent low-voltage circuit breaker, intelligent contactor, intelligent switchgear, intelligent preinstalled type transformer substation and a series of products, and applied in the power supply and distribution system. In this paper, the author according to the understanding of intelligent switch cabinet research and development in recent years, discusses the function of the intelligent electric appliance and its realization method, introduces design of hardware and software. 1 intelligent electrical appliances the functional requirements and implementation of intelligent electric appliance is in on the ontology of traditional switch electrical installation of a single-chip microcomputer as the core of intelligent unit. The unit set measurement, protection, control, communications and electrical itself state on-line monitoring function in the integral whole. As the intelligent unit is installed in the switch device in this small interval in the body or instrument on the door of switch cabinets, volume is small. Runtime environment under strong electromagnetic interference and strong vibration conditions, the high requirement of reliability. Measurement. Intelligent electric appliance shall have the power measurement as well as energy metering function, and can be displayed by LCD, completely replace the traditional measurement and measuring instrument. Microcontroller is used in general. Protection. Replace the traditional relay protection with microcomputer protection. Operational control. From security, reliability, operating practices and the cost consideration, appropriate USES existing operations in the intelligent electric control circuit of the breaker points, closing operation, rather than using the keyboard keys to replace the existing control switch operation. With the deepening of the intelligent electrical research, some companies abroad in some low voltage apparatus using the intelligent control technology, in order to improve the electrical performance of on-off [ 1] 。 On-line monitoring [ 2, 3] 。 High, medium voltage electrical condition monitoring project is more, such as mechanical, temperature, condensation, electrical insulation properties, etc. , by choosing appropriate sensor ( Such as digital temperature sensor) To be addressed. To implement on-line monitoring on the mechanical properties of the switchgear is difficult, to use a large number of sensors. In fact, for the ordinary switch equipment, on the one hand, mechanical and insulation failure probability is small, the difficulty and cost is very big, the actual effect is not ideal, the author thinks that it is not necessary to consider this aspect of the on-line monitoring function. But the pre-installed type transformer substation, C - GIS special appliances for condensation in the running, such as high temperature, internal arc fault possibility of insulation fault is larger, should configure the corresponding monitoring and suppression device. For ordinary medium voltage switchgear, its condition monitoring can consider the following: (1) circuit breaker operating frequency statistics, monitoring circuit breaker if mechanical life times or meet the need for the number of maintenance; (2) the breaking current weighted value, indirect monitoring circuit breaker contact electrical wear; (3) bus junction temperature. The first two samples values by according to the current and software can do. Communication. Intelligent electrical communication functions used in electrical appliances and substation automation systems or substation computer monitoring system in the machine or the distribution automation system of two-way information transmission between RTU equipment, intelligent electrical machine or RTU equipment transfer to the system running parameters of the controlled system, protection setting value, the state information of fault information, and electric equipment itself, the system machine to intelligent electrical operation instructions, change and adjust the setting value. Communication function can use single chip microcomputer serial communication interface implementation. If the electric power automation system USES the fieldbus intelligent electrical appliances should be accordingly the fieldbus technology.
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