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The design of digital frequency V cone flowmeter steps

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-13
In V cone flowmeter electronic technology, frequency is one of the most basic parameters, and with many electric parameter measurement scheme, the measured results are very close relationship, therefore, frequency measurement becomes even more important. , there are multiple ways of measuring the frequency of electronic counter measure frequency has high precision, easy to use, measure rapidly, and the advantages of easy to realize the automatic measurement process, is one of the important means of frequency measurement. Electronic counter measure frequency has two ways: one is the direct frequency measurement method, the measured signal in a certain gate time measurement of pulse number; Second, indirect frequency measurement method, such as cycle frequency measuring method. Direct frequency measurement method is suitable for the high frequency signal frequency measurement, indirect frequency measurement method is suitable for low frequency signal frequency measurement. The design of digital frequency meter with AT89C52 as the core, is adopted in the software programming C51 language, adopted the multicycle synchronous measurement method, it avoids the direct measuring method for the lack of precision, while eliminating the combination of direct and indirect methods, to the relationship between the frequency and intermediate frequency of measured signal to determine inconvenience can realize high precision measurement of frequency and cycle, etc. Digital frequency meter is computers, communications equipment, audio, video, and other areas of the scientific research production of measuring instruments. It is a decimal number, digital display measured signal frequency measurement instrument. It is the basic function of measuring sinusoidal signal, square wave signals, and various other physical quantity per unit time changes. Simulated, V cone flowmeter in the process of design, installation, debugging, due to its use decimal number display, measure quickly, high accuracy, direct display, so often to use digital frequency meter.

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