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The delta and its application in flow measurement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-03
Abstract: the delta and its application in flow measurement information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. In the present industrial process automation, flow is an important process parameters, in order to process for effective supervision of production, operation and control, need to measure all kinds of medium flow. Traffic detection instrument flow meter is the development of production, save energy and improve production. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the delta and its application in flow measurement article details. In the present industrial process automation, flow is an important process parameters, in order to process for effective supervision of production, operation and control, need to measure all kinds of medium flow. Traffic detection instrument flow meter is the development of production, save energy, improve product quality, improve economic efficiency and management level of important tool, is one of important instrument in industrial automation. Flow meter wide variety, suitable for different occasions, according to the measuring way division can be divided into quality flowmeter, volumetric flowmeter and speed meter, speed meter is divided into the electromagnetic flowmeter, variable area flowmeter and differential pressure flowmeter, etc. Described in this article the delta is a pressure meter differentia. 1 introduction, delta and delta and flowmeter is by Germany, cisco ( Systec - 控制) And Germany's el lang root ( 埃朗根) University cooperation developed in the early 1990 s, a kind of flow measurement instrument, 1995 formally began production and sales. Improvement to the whole series of various specifications, the current sales in 16 countries, thousands of application. 1. 1 measurement principle of differential pressure flowmeter is a kind of zui is widely applied, the dosage of the preeminence of the flowmeter. Delta the flowmeter is also using the principle of differential pressure measurement, can say is a special kind of throttling device. The throttle type differential pressure measurement by flow continuity equation ( The law of conservation of mass) And the Bernoulli equation ( The law of conservation of energy) On the basis of. Pipe filled with fluid, when fluid flows through the throttling parts in the throttling parts forming local contraction, which resulted in increased flow rate, static pressure is reduced, in throttle differential pressure before and after, the greater the flow rate, the greater the differential pressure, thus it can be according to the size of the measured differential pressure flow. 1. 2 basic structure of the delta by the probe, the flowmeter casing installation, transducer, differential pressure transmitter connect parts, and so on four parts. Delta probe is equal to the length of the pipe diameter, and the distribution before and after the probe with a row of holes, uneven distribution of pore diameter of 8 mm, bore high voltage and low voltage respectively, and the high pressure hole facing the direction of fluid flow. Through the probe before and after the two rows of pore pressure to the pipe in the hole by averaging, and differential pressure before and after the probe. Installation of casing is a delta and pipeline connection parts, on one side of the casing with the pipe welding, on the other side with the delta connection, connection form according to the pressure can choose the size of the thread or flange connection. The length of the casing is determined by the pipe insulation layer thickness. Delta, sensor and transmitter connected components have many choices, such as: ball valve, globe valve, 1/2 NPT thread or directly connected to the transmitter elliptical converters, etc. Connected components include applicable to the integration of superheated steam medium condenser as well as the integration of the temperature and pressure measuring equipment. Differential pressure transmitter will provide differential pressure signal of the probe by prescribing and calculation, get the traffic. According to the actual pressure differential probe produces, choose appropriate range and precision of the transducer. 2 delta and flowmeter advantages 1) Straight section of high precision, low requirements, delta will be a very good bar meter straight section of high precision and low requirement together, under the condition of meet the straight pipe ( Is commonly before 7 d after 3 d) Can reach 0. The precision of 5%, even in a relatively short straight pipe ( Before 2 d after 1 d) Also can reach 2% accuracy. This determines the delta straight pipe can be used in harsh place, particularly in the application of big diameter. 2) Big differential pressure, small pressure loss, low running cost, delta and special probe design determines the measurement can be produced when the probe is larger than other integration differential pressure, large differential pressure range determines the range of differential pressure transducer, measuring accuracy is higher also. Flowmeter pressure loss is due to a device that exist in the pipeline, and the irreversible pressure drop, the pressure loss in production should be as far as possible to reduce flowmeter. Generated when the delta bar is used to measure the pressure loss is far less than the traditional throttling equipment such as orifice plate, due to the loss of pressure is small, pipe fluid power loss is small, the operation of the equipment of low cost, cost recovery is fast. 3) Use of wide application range of the delta, can measure the dry gas, a variety of media such as moisture, liquid and steam, without being limited by the dielectric constant; Can choose pipeline and insertion type, measure the diameter from 3 mm to 15000 mm, suitable for all kinds of diameter of square tube and round tube. With high temperature, corrosive medium can adopt special probes, and the pipe connection material.
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