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The conductivity of electromagnetic flowmeter medium effect on the measurement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-02
At present, the input impedance of the electromagnetic flowmeter conversion path has been greatly improved, the electrical conductivity of liquid does not usually cause errors due to the change of conductivity of medium, but for the converter input impedance, the electrical conductivity of measured medium has a lower limit min, they should not be below the lower limit value. The electrical conductivity of measured medium is too big is not allowed. For example, when more than 10 - conductivity 1 ( S/cm) , can reduce traffic signals, to change the indicated value, the instructions flow value less than the actual flow. This is because in the electromagnetic flow meter, the magnetic field of finite length, measured the conductive liquid, only through the limited magnetic field to produce induced electromotive force e. So, on behalf of the traffic signal induced electromotive force e is the result of the magnetic field department of conductive liquid cutting lines of magnetic force, magnetic field on both ends of the outside of the conductive liquid without any contribution of e. Instead, because they are two electrodes are connected, it is a department of the open circuit. When transmitter and converter connected together, the department of external circuit in parallel with the converter input impedance and become a transmitter of the load, when the electrical conductivity of measured medium is very big, the resistance/small, up to no matter how high input impedance converter, when the liquid external shunt results will depend on the department, which reduce the accuracy of transfer between the transmitter and transducer. So, for an electromagnetic flowmeter, open channel flow meter is not influenced by medium conductivity have certain scope, conductance measured medium series of neither too big nor too small. With the development of electronic technology, the progress of the converter input impedance, will can reduce the lower limit of the conductivity measured medium coupling agent affect measurement accuracy. To guarantee and good contact with pipes, installing a transducer needs pipe surface uniform coating a layer of coupling agent, the general thickness of ( 2mm- 3mm) 。 The bubbles within the coupling agent and granule, the launch of the transducer surface closely on the pipe wall. Measurement of the circulating water flow meter is installed in the water well, environment humidity, sometimes under water, if choose average coupling agent, in a short period of time will be failure, affect measurement accuracy. Therefore, you must choose a special waterproof coupling agent, coupling agent should be used within the period of validity, generally for 18 months. To ensure measurement accuracy, every 18 months should replace the transducer, and replace the coupling agent.
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