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The condenser water level measurement for coal-fired power units of improvement measures

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-30
Abstract: thermal power unit condenser water level measurement improvement measures of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. One, the general principles of container water level measurement is shown in figure 1, has the following formula of differential pressure: delta P = P + P - =( P2+H1g) - ( P1 + Hg) The delta P for differential pressure transmitter to measure differential pressure value, to a certain temperature and pressure, the density of water for gravitational acceleration g. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a thermal power unit improvement measures of condenser water level measurement details. One, the general principles of container water level measurement is shown in figure 1, has the following formula of differential pressure: delta P = P + & ndash; P - =( P2 +ρ H1g) - ( P1 +ρ Hg) The delta P for differential pressure transmitter to measure differential pressure value, & rho; To a certain temperature and pressure of water density, g is acceleration of gravity, P1 and P2 respectively suction side pressure and positive pressure on the surface of the lateral horizontal space, H is the height of the actual water container, H1 for reference the height of the water column. Container and pipe after forming, H1 is fixed, as long as always mutually namely P1 and P2 space space equal pressure, so the differential calculation formula can transform as: P = & rho; g( H1-H) The delta P can be measured by differential pressure transmitter, & rho; , g, and H1 is known number, using the modern computer technology is easy to calculate the H value, the actual water level container. Second, condenser water problems existing in the traditional measuring method condenser water level for coal-fired power units is an important parameter. Traditional condenser water level measurement is shown in figure 2, the design is generally installed 2 sets of the water level measurement system, each set of water level measurement system including of two side sampling tubes was a valve, from the water injection pipe ( To quote the condensate pump export) Of a water injection valve, three valves in the group 2 secondary valve and a balanced valve, two drain valve on the differential pressure transmitter, a total of eight manual valve, and two union. This mutual redundancy configuration 2 sets of water level measurement system, 100 - often occurs between each other 300 mm deviation, and indicating the actual water level on the water level gauge glass is also far, especially in the process of the unit start-stop, ecr operation personnel can't accurate monitoring of condenser water, affecting the safe operation of the unit. Maintenance staff often maintain for a long time, for getting rid of or check differential pressure transmitter, water, sewage, solid oil or a combination of all kinds of glue sealing valve and joint surface, busy ages very not easy alignment, condenser vacuum fluctuations or sampling pipe appear larger vibration and so on, was disqualified. Three, the cause analysis through the actual inspection and theoretical analysis, the traditional condenser water level measurement problems of main reason has the following several aspects: 3. 1 positive pressure side seal condenser water level measurement gauge positive pressure side sampling sampling mouth close to the condensation area of the condenser, not under normal operating conditions, not of the steam condensate will enter the positive pressure side sampling pipe horizontal section. Because of the small diameter ( D14× 2 or D12 & times; 1) Or have dirt impurities such as pipe, tube not flow back to the condenser after the steam condensation in horizontal section form a water seal, cause the measurement deviation, the phenomenon such as water level measuring point change slowly. 3. 2 system leakage water injection pipeline is by a condensate pump outlet water level measurement, nearly 3 mpa pressure, as long as there is a little bit of water injection valve leakage ( Small leak is difficult to judge out) , additional increase the positive pressure side pressure or full of positive pressure side sampling tube level, low water level measurement will be greatly. Unit in the process of running, the condenser in a vacuum, vacuum da More than 90 kpa. The traditional measurement system has eight manual valve, and two union, often need to drainage or water injection, twist twist, manual valves leakage appears unavoidably, any combination of a valve or joint surface, even the very weak leakage, are of great influence on water level measurement. 3. 3 vacuum fluctuations affect the water level measuring vacuum has certain influence to the positive pressure side horizontal plane, in a short period of time the vacuum rapid rise, positive pressure side level tends to reduce, if the piping for leaks, impact will be greater. In addition, the thermal expansion of the thermal system of soda loss and water and so on can affect water level measurement. Four, the improvement method and the effect is shown in figure 3, the sampling pipe diameter increased, switch to D22 & times; 3 stainless steel pipe, a valve switch to D20 and eliminate the formation of water seal. Far eastone transmitter using belt seal differential pressure transmitter, eliminating the 6 valves and 2 union, formed by two flange diaphragm induced fluctuation pressure differential pressure. So there is no need for water, sewage, often, both to prevent leakage, and greatly reduce the workload of the maintenance staff. Practice shows that the improved 2 sets of each gap less than 10 mm, water level measuring system with local water level gauge zui big difference less than 30 mm, and has been stable and reliable, satisfies the requirement of the condenser water level measurement technology, the effect is very good. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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