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The common problems in ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-24

low open channel flow meter and what is the difference between dissatisfaction tube flowmeter? Answer: 1) Open channel must have a standard of the original measurement device ( Such as standard trough, weir) Calculate according to the liquid level changes, flow; 2) The full tube measurement, apply more extensive, stronger applicability for complex and changeable conditions in the field, according to the velocity measurement and cross section to calculate the flow rate of fluid flowing through the device; 3) The measuring principle and measuring method has obvious difference. When to use low jet lag type ultrasonic flowmeter dynamic zero? A: in the case of piping can't water, should use dynamic zero. How low fixed time flowmeter calibration on site? Answer: in the field under the condition of fixed time flowmeter or batch, jet lag can be a portable flow meter ( Such as DCT - 7088). After inspection through, in the field of stationary time flowmeter calibration. Ultrasonic flowmeter calibration method is what? Answer: volume method ( Container method) And weight method ( Weighing method) Master meter method, low flow meter use after a period of time, found that the signal attenuation or no signal, what reason be? How to solve? Answer: 1) Coupling agent to dry up, not work; 2) Tube fouling or medium paste live probe; 3) Medium containing slag, bubble increase; 4) The probe position change; 5) Between the probe and tube wall has bubbles or sundry; 6) Pipe lining and tube wall separation; 7) The probe aging; 8) The probe cable poor contact;

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